Signs of stomach cancer

A tumor that develops from the mucous membrane of the stomach is called gastric cancer. In Russia, stomach cancer is a very common disease. It stands somewhere after breast cancer in women, and lung cancer, in the male sex. Let's look in this article, what are the signs of stomach cancer, and because of what generally occurs this disease. So, we have already found out that this is a tumor, but we need to understand that there are many different variants of such a tumor. The difference lies in the propensity of the tumor to metastasize, localization, morphology.

Causes of stomach cancer

Considering the signs of stomach cancer, it is definitely worth noting that doctors, at the present time, do not have any clear positions regarding the cause of this disease. But there are risk factors for stomach cancer. Such as:

  1. The effects of carcinogens. If a person abuses smoked, spicy, overcooked, coarse or fatty foods.
  2. Infection. If a person has a stomach, Helicobacter pylori dwells
  3. Long-term experience of the smoker or excessive alcohol consumption.
  4. Bad heredity.

Peptic ulcer of the stomach, a condition after gastric resection, pernicious anemia, polyps in the stomach, atrophic chronic gastritis - all of these conditions are precancerous.

Over the past few years, a sharp decrease in the number of gastric cancers has been observed. This is due to the promotion of healthy eating, improved food storage conditions, instead of pickling, smoking and salting, which leads to the accumulation of carcinogens. Freezing and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are used more often.

The manifestation of gastric cancer

The first signs of gastric cancer are quite diverse. It all depends on whether the presence of precancerous diseases, the nature of tumor growth, the location of the tumor, complications and stage of development. As for the symptoms of cancer, they are divided into general and local.

Local symptoms

These include gastric discomfort and dyspepsia.

  1. If a person cannot satisfy his hunger with food.
  2. Feeling of dull pain, which is accompanied by a feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen.
  3. Lack or loss of appetite.
  4. Refusal of fish or meat.
  5. If a person becomes too choosy in the choice of food or limits its quantity.
  6. There are cases when you can observe vomiting and nausea.

Common symptoms

  1. Decreased performance, fatigue, decreased interest in work, which previously caused joy, a general feeling of weakness.
  2. Sharp weight loss.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle and lethargy.
  4. Apathy, depression.
  5. The first sign of the disease may be anemia.
  6. In the case of neglected diseases, an elevated body temperature may occur.

Clinical options for the course of the disease

  1. Latent cancer of the stomach. This form of cancer can go absolutely without symptoms. The disease can be detected, by palpation, by the patient or by the doctor. Most often, this form of cancer is detected with standard diagnosis or FGS.
  2. Painless gastric cancer. There are signs of stomach cancer, but there is no pain.
  3. Painful cancer of the stomach. In this form of the disease, patients complain of pain in the upper abdomen, which may be associated with the process of eating and giving to the lumbar. With cancer of the stomach pain can not be characterized.It can last throughout the day and increase with sudden movements, it can be very intense. If the tumor has sprouted into the pancreas, then patients may experience back pain. In such cases, patients come to the neurologist or surgeon, and then it turns out the true cause of pain.

As you can see, the symptoms of the disease largely depend on where the tumor is located. In cancer of the initial part of the stomach, the one that is adjacent to the esophagus, patients observe difficulty in ingestion of coarse food and increased drooling. Symptoms increase with the progression of the disease. Over time, dull pain behind the sternum, regurgitation of food will appear. This may be due to food stagnation or in the esophagus. If a cancer is observed in the terminal part of the stomach, then the patients complain of pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting. In cancer of the middle part of the stomach, local symptoms are not observed. But there are common. Such as weight loss, anemia, weakness and lethargy.

Now you know what signs of cancer there are, and what measures you need to take to protect yourself from such a terrible disease.