Simple winding of a handle of a katana (Tsukamaki)

Rewind the handle of the katana (Tsukamaki), a simple and practical method, suitable for swords intended for permanent use in training, and not for decorating the shelves, because the historical accuracy of the arm braid was secondary.

Materials and tools:

  1. ordinary electrical tape;
  2. cord for braid (tsukahito) made from rayon, bought at a sewing shop;
  3. brushes in cord color.

Step 1

We clean the handle from the old braid.

Step 2

Making a semicircular chisel groove in the handle - the depth of the groove should be such that the braid cord folded in half goes into the groove.

Step 3

We fold the cord on one side in half and fasten it to the handle with electrical tape, after having put it into the groove and making sure that the cord is not twisted.

We leave a tightening loop on the side of the guard, and on the end of the shank, at the end of the cord, we make a tightening loop. Exhaust loop fix tape on the shank.

Step 4

Make the first turn and continue the winding of the handle.

When winding the cord should be kept in uniform tension, the coils should be laid tightly and try not to twist the cord. The work is painstaking, if something does not work out the first time, then it's better to start all over again.

Step 5

As the cord is wrapped around the handle, we remove the electrical tape that holds the cord in the slot.

After the last turn, we cut off the tail with a margin of 20-30 cm and pass it into a long loop. Prodeyte fixing themselves coils of the braid and leaving a reserve before the loop 10-15 cm.

Step 6

It's time for the exhaust loop - gently pulling out the loop without jerking, until the free part of the shank with the tightening loop goes inside. Stretching the loop with the shank is more convenient somewhere to the middle of bondage.