DIY Spinner

Spinner mania took possession of both old and young. I once noticed a spinner of an unusual shape in one adult man, as it turned out - he was homemade. Without thinking twice, I wanted to repeat this homemade product in order to conquer my friends with an unusual form of trinkets. I will tell you in detail what and how I did.
Do-it-yourself Spinner
I needed to make a spinner:
  • 4 mm MDF slice.
  • Bearing.
  • 3 nuts.
  • Super glue.
  • Black acrylic paint.

Spinner with your own hands
Let's start. Take a piece of MDF or other suitable material, in addition to wood, you can even use plastic, plexiglass or plexiglass. First, measure the outside diameter of your bearing. Take a compass and draw a circle with the desired diameter (100 - 80 mm) - this will be the external size. Then draw a circle that matches the diameter of your bearing. Then circle more by 10 - 8 mm. Connect all the guides as shown in the figure.Draw circles on three sides for the nuts.
Spinner do it yourself
Then, with a hacksaw or a jigsaw on a tree, we saw out the outline of our spinner. To cut the holes for the bearing and nuts, you need to use a special nozzle on the drill, but as always it was not at hand, so I began to drill a hole in a circle. We remove the irregularities with a file and adjust the bearing to fit the bore. The bearing should sit tight in the socket, so the main thing here is not to overdo it.
Do-it-yourself Spinner
Spinner do it yourself
When we have dealt with the central bearing, we proceed to insert the nuts. The technology is the same.
Do-it-yourself Spinner
How to finish it all - go around with sandpaper to remove all the burrs and irregularities of our foundation.
Do it yourself Spinner
Clean the surface of our base from dust. Cover with acrylic paint. You can varnish. While waiting for drying, we will blow the bearing from dust and dirt,grease slightly. When everything is dry, take super glue, smear the ends of the base where the nuts and bearing are inserted, and insert the bearing and nuts into the seats.
Spinner do-it-yourself
We are waiting for about fifteen minutes - our spinner is ready! This spinner has a classic shape, but you can also make it not classic:
Do-it-yourself Spinner
You have a large field of activity. You can use any shape, color and design. Dare friends!