Star hysterics: celebrities who constantly scandal

Popularity and wealth, those same copper pipes, which not everyone can overcome. Many celebrities stumble over their own vanity and desire to emphasize their advantage in the eyes of others, that's why they behave as they like.

We present you the ten most capricious and scandalous stars whose nerves are no good.

Jennifer Lopez

Nov 29 2017 at 1:01 pst

J. Law has long and firmly secured the statute of the scandalous star. The administration and maintenance staff does not like her for a capricious nature. Beauties are prone to tantrums and whims. In addition to the fact that Lopez requires exorbitant fees and special conditions, some of her whims can drive even the angel.

They say, for example, that in her dressing room everything, from the walls to the candles, should be white. And sometimes she demands that the color of the walls in the hotel room match her mood.The actress demands in-room headphones, inlaid with diamonds, and a leather toilet seat. Also in the singer's rider is a personal beach. At the beginning of the 2000s, Jennifer appeared at an interview with the BBC television company surrounded by 90 people from her staff and demanded nine dressing rooms for them. Its antisociality reached its apogee on the set of the film “What to expect when you expect a child” in 2012. The star categorically refused to communicate with anyone, which interfered with the shooting process and complicated it.

Lindsey Lohan

May 21 2017 at 4:52 PDT

Record holder for ridiculous and scandalous situations, as well as the number of adventures on her fifth point can be considered actress Lindsay Lohan. The reputation of the young beauty suffered greatly because of addiction to alcohol and drugs in the mid-2000s. Since then, she is known not as a talented dramatic actress, but more as a headache for any director who can turn the filming process into a real hell. The actress has repeatedly frustrated shooting without any explanation, took props and things. Colleagues in the shop say that she “could sit for a long time in a wagon or in the dressing room, and then suddenly pick up and take her boyfriend to the concert. All the others were, in fact, her hostages. ”

In 2009, she threw a tantrum when she did not get a place in the first class for the next flight on the plane, and threatened to hang herself in front of the airport staff. The airline staff went on about the brawler, and she was transferred to the first class.

And last year, Lindsay lit up in one of the institutions in New York. The star closed in the restroom and, when the staff got worried, refused to leave the ladies' room using the strongest expression. After persistent requests, the bar manager had to break the door. When Lindsay was about to leave the establishment, she also hooked the African-American bartender, after telling him all kinds of nonsense about his origin.

Russell Crowe

Jun 16 2017 at 12:46 pm PDT

Russell Crowe's wild temper in Hollywood is something everyone knows. On the set of “Gladiator”, which director Ridley Scott still recalls like a bad dream, Crowe not only cursed him, the screenwriter, and in general with all the members of the crew, but also threatened to kill one of the producers of the film.

In 2002, Russell was especially “on fire”: he swore obscenely during the BAFTA Awards ceremony, and also fought in a restaurant in London.On the set of the movie "Knockdown" in 2005, he beat a security guard who released an unsuccessful joke. In the same year, he beats up the porter of a New York hotel telephone: the actor could not get through to Australia and was furious.

In connection with the constant fights and scandals, he almost lost his career, but later began to gradually restore his reputation.

Naomi Campbell

Aug 28 2017 at 2:05 pdt

Another star fighter - supermodel Naomi Campbell. The list of her "achievements" is quite impressive. Almost every year, she pays gigantic fines for loss of self-control. In 2000, she repaid moral damage to her assistant for having “applied” a mobile phone to her face. In 2003, the Black Panther again threw a mobile phone into the head of an assistant. In 2004, the maid received a slap from her. And in 2006, she was taken into custody in London after a complaint by a certain woman who said that Campbell had attacked her and had scratched her face.

In 2008, Naomi was arrested on suspicion of attacking airport staff. And finally, in 2009, Naomi kicked her driver so that he broke his face on the steering wheel. And these are only the brightest cases. Behind the model stretches an endless series of scandals: it is able to disrupt fashion shows or a photo session due to having overslept,and also constantly quarrels with competing models and is rude to service personnel.