Straw, elevated to the rank of art

The annual Wara Art festival in the small town of Niigata has become a good tradition in Japan. On the court of spectators here represent huge figures of animals, and the material for creativity of artists is the remaining after harvest rice straw. Everyone can admire the beauty of straw figures, the main thing is to get to the venue. Giant exhibits are open-air throughout the autumn and attract the attention of many tourists and residents of the city.

The birth of straw giants is an exciting time-consuming process. After creating the layout, the wizard builds a frame made of wood. Then the straw is fixed to the base. It takes a long time to create the figures, but the result is worth it.

What will be the exhibits of the current year remains a mystery. It's clear that the artists will try to surprise everyone present, because this year's Wara Art Festival will celebrate its tenth anniversary.