Strip - the most fashionable trend of spring

“Flower prints? In the spring? This is innovation! ”- said the heroine Meryl Streep in the film“ The Devil Wears Prada ”. The same story as with floral, with leopard prints, and with snake prints, is always repeated with a strip - things with this drawing are many or few, but certainly it does not happen that in the designer collections they were not at all. In particular, if we are talking about the spring-summer season.

If you look through the collections of fashion trends for spring and summer - 2016, then the strip is again here like here, however, its presence is already perceived with a suspicious squint, almost like that of Miranda Priestley. Is it possible that they will again offer us tops in a white-and-blue navy strip, which Coco Chanel saw off the sailors almost a century ago ?! Or, again, cheerful little sarafans with colored stripes, which aren’t possible except for those who live in the mountains or in the Far North and don’t go to rest to the sea ?! Some of this is really true, and fashion, as always, is engaged in perpetual return.We studied the collections of spring-summer 2016 for the presence of original images with a strip - see what we did.

Rainbow strip

This trend can be called a part of a more global trend that has “pursued” fashion for several seasons in a row - the desire for excessive infantilism and playfulness, which at times takes clown scales. However, one cannot say the same about the complex dress from Sacai, but I want to characterize the image of Missoni in the form in which it is presented on the catwalk as “a parrot on vacation”.