Evolution of swimsuits: 100 years in 3 minutes

How has the fashion for swimwear changed the last hundred years? Team Mode traced the evolution of the main favorite of the beach season. From the movie “100 years in 3 minutes” we can see how women of the beginning of the 20th century could only dream of going lightly to the sea: they tried to fit a bathing suit that weighed a whole ton in the wet case. “The roaring 20s” presented open swimwear models to girls, which did not restrain their movements, and the 50s - a time when bikinis became fashionable - a long-awaited smooth and beautiful tan! The guardians of morals were then incredibly outraged, but what would they say when they saw a swimsuit from the 80s, or rather those pieces of cloth that barely covered the body, piecework swimsuit Pamela Anderson in Malibu's Rescuers bright red from the 90s or bandage models in which to defile to the sea today?

By the way, all the swimsuits presented in the video are not real, but drawn directly on the model.