Symbol of the house holiday: do-it-yourself Christmas nativity scene

How to make a Christmas NativityChristmas nativity scene is one of the most basic symbols of this bright Christian holiday. Large and believable paintings of the Bethlehem Shed are reproduced in each temple. But you can make a Christmas nativity scene with your own hands at home for your children. At first glance, this may seem difficult for you. But everything is extremely simple. If you do not already know how to make a den of your own, the master class presented here will tell you about it.

How to make a Christmas den with their own hands: the beginning

First of all, it is necessary to clarify one important point - the size and location. Den with his own hands can be of two types:

  1. Large outdoor. It can be put in the corner of the room. In addition, such a Christmas nativity scene with your own hands can be with you not only during the winter holidays. Depending on the Christian holiday, you can change the actors or scenery there.
  2. Desktop. This is the best option for your babies.Small, but at the same time roomy size and portable version. It is such a christmas nativity scene that we will consider with our own hands.

How to make a Christmas Nativity

How to make a den with your own hands: the basis

Start the product with the basics. She will personify the shed - the birthplace of Christ.

  1. If you know how to work with wood at least a little, you can make Christmas dens with your own hands made of wood. To do this, take four boards of the same height. These will be the corners of the walls. At the top of each of these boards attach two props at an angle of 45 degrees. The supports will help put the floor slabs for the roof. There should be two such sticks. Paint them brown. Roof well covered with straw. The floor is covered with a yellow cloth, and spread over it a thin layer of dry grass or straw.
  2. A Christmas dessert with our own hands, the master class of which we hold, can be made from a cardboard box - this is the simplest option. Take a box of medium depth, put it on its side, the open side to itself. Cover it with paper. Lateral and bottom - brown, imitating a tree, and the top can be dark blue with cut out golden stars.

How to make a Christmas Nativity

How to make a Christmas nativity scene: figures

This is the most difficult part of the design.Animal figures can be bought in the department of children's toys - these are sheep, a donkey. The creche of Christ can be made from a matchbox lined with straw and a piece of white or canvas fabric. And the baby itself can also be found in the toy store. As for Joseph and Mary themselves, they can be made either from polymer clay, rolling it out and cutting out figures according to a pattern, or printing out figures from a picture on the Internet, cutting them out and sticking them onto cardboard. If you search in stores, it is possible to find such figures, only then dress them accordingly. Clothes are easy to make from fabric. To put on them spacious clothes, to Maria a handkerchief, and to draw a beard on Joseph.

How to make a Christmas Nativity

Christmas den with his own hands: decoration

Any decoration of your production should be believable.

  • Above the ceiling, you can hang an angel on a string.
  • Stars will be well cut out of foil, so they will shine.
  • In the back wall of the box or behind the wooden sticks it is possible to place small fixtures. So the production will be covered, there will be some mystery, warmth, festive mood.