Teeth whitening: types, indications and contraindications

Types of bleaching
Before you go through the bleaching procedure, you should familiarize yourself with each system in more detail.
ZOOM system
Bleaching technology system ZOOM is to use a special whitening gel, the composition of which does not contain acids. Thus, pigmentation is eliminated, and the structure of the tooth and its strength does not change, does not deteriorate. The gel is applied to the enamel, then its action is activated and enhanced by the use of a laser lamp. The system includes several stages: preparatory, on which hygienic cleaning is carried out; triple application of the gel with an interval of 15 minutes; activation of the substance by a special lamp.
Opalescence system
Dentists recommend it when lightening congenital or acquired color enamel. A feature of the system is the use of special mouthguards, which are fixed on the teeth with the help of a gel based on two chemical elements (urea, hydrogen peroxide), whose action is activated by a special lamp,thanks to which tooth enamel becomes whiter by 8-10 tones.
The durability of the result according to the manufacturer is an average of 3 years. Among the contraindications Opalescence - intolerance to hydrogen peroxide, the presence of a pacemaker, pregnancy and feeding, the presence of cancer tumors.
Amazing White System
Removal of plaque and elimination of dark pigment spots on enamel - Amazing White bleaching will cope with all these tasks. The procedure includes 4 stages: treatment of the lips and mucous membrane with vitamin E; three times applying the bleaching component; washing the mouth with a special device under high pressure; application of fluorinated component. The number of contraindications, in addition to pregnancy and breastfeeding, include: rehydrol intolerance, the presence of paradontic or root pockets, increased sensitivity to light, the use of drugs that increase sensitivity to light (flutamide, beroxane, ammifurin, psoralen and psoberan; birth control pills and others) .
Air Flow System
To get white and glossy teeth for a minimum fee, you must choose Air Flow.Air Flow whitening system, in addition to removing plaque and dental plaque, also eliminates bacteria that are a source of bad breath. Air flow is carried out in two stages. First, a special apparatus under pressure is applied abrasive solution - sodium bicarbonate.