Tell me, is it normal if a mother sells potatoes to her son?

I quarreled with my husband due to the fact that I “ran” on his mummy, who sells potatoes from her garden! Of course, cheaper than in the market ... but is it not insanity? Why should I be silent? Is that right? she does not live in misery.
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Answered on November 19, 2014 21:44
In this situation, first of all, the question arises: does your husband help or do you plant this potato, take care of it, drip it afterwards? Who owns the land on which this potato grows? Who buys fertilizer for the land? Yes, it seems, such questions in family relations seem petty, but if it comes to selling, then they are quite relevant. Another interesting moment: how does the mother-in-law herself explain the demand for money for potatoes?