The best varieties of shallots for growing in the garden


Shallots, description

It is sweeter, does not hurt the eyes, does not leave breath odor. In addition, shallots are cold-resistant, and germinates even after frost. It grows nests of 5-20 bulbs, and not single bulbs. Also, he used to keep up onions and stored better.

Shallot varieties


Mid-season, with a sharp taste and yellow husk. In the country grows great, for unpretentious. One square kilogram of round onion can be gathered from a square meter of bed. In the nest about 5 bulbs of 15 grams.


Mid-season, with a semi-sharp taste and yellowish husk. It can be planted before winter, also it is well kept. Bulb oblong Foma can weigh up to 30 grams. After germination can be eaten after 2 months.


Mid-season, with a spicy taste and lilac husks, up to violet. It can be round and oblong, one bulb weighs up to 27 grams. Ripens in 75-85 days.It is well kept, without losing taste. Popular in the North Caucasus.

Bonilla F1

Mid-season, with a semi-sharp taste and yellowish husk with barely noticeable stripes. This is an annual plant, because it is grown from seeds, it ripens in 85-90 days, from a square meter it is possible to collect 1.5 kg. In the nest 4 round bulbs weighing about 35 g each. Its productivity is high, as it grows in all weather conditions.

Vitamin basket

Early ripe, with a spicy taste and yellow scales. Differs in that it is grown on greens. After 20 days you can eat delicious greens of this variety, after 70 days you can collect ripened onions. They are round in shape, weighing up to 30 grams.


Mid-season, with semi-sharp taste and yellowish-gray bulbs of a rounded flat form. It is also planted on greens, to continue to eat green onions after the early varieties. Can be grown on a green feather in a greenhouse. Keeps up fully in 51 days.


Medium late, with a semi-sharp taste and pink husks. It is especially resistant to rot, it has few arrows. It ripens in 55-70 days, in one nest up to 7 bulbs weighing approximately 50 grams. You can also plant before winter.

Kuban yellow

Mid-season, with semi-sharp taste and yellowish-brown husk, in the middle white-green. It ripens in 80-90 days, the mass of one onion is up to 30 grams, in the nest there are usually 4 flat-round bulbs.


Early ripe, with a semi-sharp taste and yellowish-brown husk. Its difference from others is a special resistance to the defeat of diseases and pests. This is a two-year culture, in one nest - 4 bulbs of an interesting elongated shape, the mass of one reaches 22 grams.


Sredneranny, with reddish color a peel and a light-violet core. Its difference is a high yield and resistance to damage by pests and diseases. For 59 days, large bulbs grow - 50 grams each, up to 8 bulbs in a nest. You can also plant on greens, ripe onions can be dried.