The man quickly ends

Many girls complain that the man ends very quickly, this process occurs almost at the very beginning of sexual intercourse. In just a few minutes of sex, he quickly ended and got an orgasm, and during this time many women do not even have time to get aroused properly, let alone that a woman wants to enjoy this process.

In medicine, this process is a premature ejaculation, while many women are aware of such a problem, as they have repeatedly encountered this. To solve the problem of premature orgasm in men, it is necessary to understand the reasons why this process can occur, that is, to understand the reasons that can cause it.

Why does a man end quickly?

As it turned out, nature itself provided for the fact that the guy would end quickly, because the faster the ejaculation process occurs, the faster the fertilization of the egg, as well as the further birth of the heirs.It is not a secret for anyone; it was important for our ancestors to leave offspring after themselves and continue their race, while they did not worry about the technique of sex at all and didn’t care at all whether a woman would enjoy this process or not. But in the modern world, this problem is quite serious for both women and men.

Today, there are several reasons that can cause premature ejaculation, while these reasons are voiced by men:

  1. orgasm is the most interesting in the whole process;
  2. because the girl is too excited;
  3. the girl has a very hot and ardent vagina;
  4. the girl very much excites the man and he is simply not able to restrain himself;
  5. a long time ago there was no sex.

How to help a man not to finish too quickly?

fstcmIt is very important to indicate to the man the problem at hand. It is often the case that a man does not even suspect that there is such a problem and does not know that his woman remains unsatisfied. And only close friends know that the girl does not like sex with her beloved person. Very often, women prefer to tolerate and not to tell their beloved about the existence of this problem, as they are afraid to offend him.If you want to have sex from pleasure, then do not be silent, because if a man does not know about the problem, he will not take any measures to solve it.

If a man loves his woman, then he will hear about her request and be able to meet her. If a man has a desire, then he can independently learn how to control and restrain ejaculation, besides, if a man is persistent, he will be able to have sex for quite some time. There are also cases when a guy can quite control himself, but does not want to do it, because he enjoys, and the feeling of a woman does not bother him at all. Relations with such an egoist will be quite difficult, and most likely short.

Sex prolongators will help not to end quickly

The simplest and most affordable means of obtaining prolonged sexual intercourse is the use of special condoms with an antiseptic, you can also use lubricants with an anesthetic, which begins several minutes after its application and continues for ten minutes.But it is very important to remember that regular use of this tool is addictive, after which its effect will not be so noticeable.

Regular sex - if a man cums quickly

fstcm3It has long been known that the more often sex occurs, the more slowly a man will be excited. Therefore, if you want to prolong sexual intercourse, you need to engage them as often as possible. But in this case another equally serious problem may arise - it is not always possible to have sex often, so you can use one tricky way - sex in two sets. After the man has finished, you can ask him to take a little rest for sex one more time, so that this time the girl could learn the pleasure from this process. Perhaps, in this case, the man will not be as pleasant as the first time, but if he loves you, then he will do everything possible to satisfy all your desires and needs.

In this case, you can use several options - to give a man to get an orgasm with a blowjob, and after completing the ejaculation does not get from the vagina penis, some men in this situation will be in full combat readiness.

Very slow rhythm will help not to finish.

The easiest way is to change the rhythm during sex, thanks to this, perhaps a little delay the onset of male orgasm. It is best to try to keep a measured and rather slow pace, in this case the posture will be most optimal when the woman is on top and can control the process, or you can try something unusual - sex posture 69.

Need to learn how to get excited

Everyone knows that the degree of arousal will directly depend on how quickly the man ends. To get the maximum pleasure from intimacy, it is very important already in an excited state to meet your man. To do this, a woman must use special exercises that will help develop sensuality.

Alcohol and sex

fstcm2It is known that alcoholic beverages can have prolonged effects on sex, it is also known that after drinking a lot, it is almost impossible to reach orgasm. There is a statement that in order to increase tenfold the duration of sex, it is necessary to drink only one hundred grams of cognac,but do not stand before each sexual intercourse to drink a man with alcohol. This tool can only be used in rare cases, so that a man is not drunk. Alcohol has the same effect on the female body.

Squeezing the base of the penis - will help not to cum

Also, a woman can get acquainted with the technique, thanks to which the man will not quickly finish. At a time when a man will be as close as possible to an orgasm, a woman needs to get his penis out of the vagina and squeeze his cock very firmly at the base, while the man must feel these movements and do not forget to warn him what you will do. . Moreover, he can carry out this process independently.

Pulling testicles

At that moment, when the beginning of ejaculation in a man approaches, it is necessary to gently sip him by the scrotum, in this case the man’s orgasm will come much later. It can also be done by the man himself.

The actions of men to not quickly end.

In order not to come premature ejaculation, the guy only needs to want to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, since so much depends on the desire of the man.

In this situation, a woman should try to explain the benefits of long sex - this is not only a female orgasm, but also more pleasure from the process of sexual intercourse.

To extend the duration of sexual intercourse, you need to use the following tricks - use special techniques that will help prolong sexual intercourse, reduce sensitivity in the glans penis, concentrate on abstract topics, a few hours before sex a man needs to masturbate (this is very effective, and most importantly way).