The most popular signs about shoes

Today, looking at what a person is wearing, you can judge about his wealth, status and taste. But our ancestors gave this piece of clothing a much greater value. They believed that the most ordinary bastards are able to demonstrate the whole story of the life of their master.

The shoes were a kind of mirror of the soul. And with shoes and boots, there are a lot of signs that even those who do not consider themselves superstitious believe in. But knowing them will not be superfluous, all of a sudden, by observing them, you can really prevent trouble and attract good luck.

Believe, take it, check it out!

Have come on a visit and, leaving, have casually confused shoes? Do not worry, the owner of the shoes will surely laugh with you, and in this way also bring pleasant events to your life. It promises new acquaintances, joy and pleasant surprises. There is a large number of beliefs, according to which happiness will inevitably come to your life.

  1. If, when you start tying shoelaces on shoes, you suddenly find that they are tied up in a knot, this is for luck. Do not rush to untie it.In order for Fortune to really be favorable to you, walk like that at least a day.
  2. At the wedding, the bridegroom, who will be ready to drink everything from the bride's shoe to the bottom, will always be surrounded by the attention of his wife, and love in the family will “pour over the edge”.
  3. There are many beliefs about the bride's shoes, but the most famous thing is that her shoes should have a closed toe, otherwise women's happiness can easily slip through the holes and open parts of sandals. Wedding shoes before the celebration are also worth vilifying at least several times at home, the shoes will help attract luck and happiness to the future family.
  4. If you are in luxury shoes with heels suddenly stuck in a hole on the pavement, do not rush to swear, this is to joy.
  5. For those who have a garden, it is worth knowing that our ancestors often left one of the boots in the fall in the field. If mice and various insects settled in it, soon it was necessary to wait for a move or improvement in living conditions.
  6. If you are going to an important meeting, negotiations, interview or you have to make a deal, put a coin of 5 cents under the heels, and success is assured to you.
  7. Has the gift of shoes for a loved one come as a gift for him or her? Miraculously, it means your couple will be inseparable.
  8. If you periodically worry about toothaches, to get rid of them will help the correct process of shoes - shoes, always first shoes on the left foot, and then on the right foot.
  9. Found that in some strange way lost shoes? Not scary, it means that soon all ill-wishers will disappear from your life.

What warns of trouble?

But there are such popular signs that will warn you about possible dangers or troubles:

  1. Old shoes, especially leaky, in the house is not the place, otherwise the life of the household will be the same "leaky".
  2. If your heel boots suddenly broke, be careful, it can be a disaster.
  3. According to the esoteric teachings, the worn and damaged shoes that have been under repair can bring losses to the owner in the financial sphere. Therefore, it will be better to say goodbye to her.
  4. You can not give slippers, such shoes symbolize the afterlife.
  5. If you heard that your friend suddenly began to squeak his shoes, you know, this is not good. According to one version, this sound reminds of the offense caused and the need to apologize.
  6. In the morning, getting ready to work, did you notice that your dog had bitten his shoes? Wait for quarrels with people close to you.
  7. No need to give your shoes to measure to anyone, even if they are your friends, they can take away some of your energy and good luck.
  8. In no case can not put shoes on the table, even if they are new, quarrel with relatives. But if a woman does, it is possible that everyone will soon learn about her pregnancy.
  9. Our ancestors never shod boots on bare feet, because it could cause significant financial waste and losses.
  10. In a hurry confused left sneaker with the right? Your reputation may soon be spoiled by gossip or slander.

These well-known signs were always listened to by people who believed in the existence of higher powers. But even those who rely on their rational mind should remember that all events in our life are not accidental.

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