The most stylish styles and colors of blouses in 2015 (10 photos)

A blouse is a very feminine and elegant thing. And if it is still not in your wardrobe, then by all means go to the store and buy it! But first, find out what is particularly relevant and fashionable in 2015.

Who are the blouses?

A blouse is almost a universal thing that goes to everyone without exception. It is only important to choose the right style and color, as well as learn to combine this item of clothing with others. And then the image will be stylish, bright and unique.

How to choose?

When choosing a blouse, consider a few important points:

  • Fashion style. It is logical that a bright sexy blouse will not be combined with strict pants.
  • Season. In the summer, choose light blouses from breathable materials, and in the winter buy something denser and warmer.
  • Features of the figure. Flounces, ruffles, jabots and other volumetric elements in this zone will add volume in the chest area. The silhouette will make a more feminine fitted blouse with a strap. A thin girls better to pay attention to the model of textured and voluminous fabrics.

Fashion trends

To begin, let us list the main fashion trends of the season 2015:

  • The most basic trend is diversity. And it is traced in everything: in materials, styles, colors. In general, everyone will find something to their liking.
  • Originality and brightness. Although the blouse has always been considered a business and even a strict piece of clothing, today this is absolutely not the case. With the help of such a universal thing, you can seduce, surprise and draw attention to yourself. You just need to throw away all stereotypes and fears and start experimenting and reincarnate.
  • Femininity and sexuality. Many designers presented models that excite the imagination.
  • Daring and sometimes aggressive images. Want to challenge society? Then pay attention to the most shocking and compromising models.


Fashionable blouses 2015 will be made in the following styles:

  • Perhaps never go out of style classic. She has changed a little, but still remained laconic and elegant. Classic blouse is suitable for the office.
  • Many designers remembered the retro-style, and this is noticeable in the photo from the shows. Especially fashionable will be the style of the 60-70s of the last century with its bright and original hippie outfits.A great option for meeting with friends and walking.
  • Romance is also still in demand and in some cases indispensable. Blouse in a romantic style will be appropriate on a date.
  • The mysterious and fascinating Oriental style and its beautiful and exciting patterns are relevant. In such a blouse you will become a mysterious woman and conquer more than one man’s heart.
  • Strong and confident girls will be able to appreciate the military style.
  • Connoisseurs of comfort will be satisfied in 2015, as they will be able to choose blouses in pajama style. But combine them better with tight pants, jeans and skirts.


The most fashionable styles of 2015:

  • Fitted feminine blouses, most likely, will never go out of fashion.
  • Straight men's blouses can be combined with jeans and even shorts. A kind of creative option for the bold and active.
  • Topical blouses without buttons with a simple throat are actual. But only at first glance they seem ordinary and uninteresting. In fact, these models look original and very original.
  • In the trend of free models. Although they will not be able to emphasize all the virtues of the figure, but they will leave room for the flight of fantasy and make the image stylish.
  • Asymmetry in all its manifestations is relevant. It can be present in almost any part of the blouse or at once in several.
  • In the trend of the so-called A-silhouette, that is, blouses, expanding to the bottom. Such models are suitable for everyone and can safely be called universal, as they hide both excessive thinness, and extra volume in the waist area, and volume hips, and other imperfections of the figure.


In 2015, the following materials will be relevant:

  • Delicate, flowing and feminine silk and a more practical satin. Silk blouse certainly must be present in the wardrobe of this lady.
  • Chiffon. Summer chiffon blouses allow the body to breathe and make men turn around. It is beautiful, feminine and sexy.
  • Guipure - an ideal option for passionate natures. But guipure blouse is better to save for a special occasion and hide from prying eyes.
  • Denim is a practical material suitable for everyday wear in spring, autumn or cool summer.
  • Lace. Spring is a time of romance, so by all means get a lace blouse and start wearing it!
  • Lovers of originality will appreciate the bright and unusual metallic fabrics.
  • Leather is an option for the bravest.
  • In a fashion transparent and incredibly sexy mesh. But such a material can only afford the owners of an ideal figure.

Color solutions

The most fashionable shades and colors:

  • The actual colors will be classic: pure white and elegant black.
  • Pastel colors such as beige, peach, sand, cream, pink, blue, lilac and others will help make the image romantic.
  • In the trend, almost all shades of blue, especially indigo and electric.
  • Pay attention to the bright and passionate scarlet and coral.
  • Refresh the image and remind you of the warmth and the sun lemon and green color.
  • It is worth paying attention to the purple, violet, lavender, plum.


Actual prints:

  • Romantic floral. In the fashion as large flowers, and small variegated patterns.
  • Vivid animalistic drawings.
  • Abstract patterns.
  • Geometric drawings.
  • Ethnic ornaments.
  • Mysterious oriental prints.
  • Relevant long-forgotten folk motifs.

Bright details

Sometimes the style and originality of things determine the individual details. The brightest and most relevant elements of blouses 2015:

  • Stand collar.He will make a more feminine neck and give the image of a certain severity, bordering on sexuality. No less relevant is the collar with a ribbon-tie. In addition, the trend of contrasting fabric and color collars that stand out against the background of a blouse.
  • Sleeves. They can be voluminous, slinky, flared, short, long or even absent. And especially relevant sleeves with cuffs cuffs.
  • Draperies, ruffles, ruffles and other volume decorative elements.
  • Contrast fabric inserts.
  • Bows. A large bow can be a bright accent of the image.
  • Deep neckline. But remember that if you plan to buy a blouse with a deep neckline, then it should be sewn of opaque fabric, otherwise the image will be too vulgar.
  • Patch pockets. If they are located in the chest area, they can make this area more voluminous.
  • Embroidery. It is romantic and gentle. And if it is present on a transparent or translucent fabric, it will certainly make the image fascinating and sexy.

Now you can safely go to the store.

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