The sequence of repair work in the apartment

Why a repair sequence apartments so often worry the inhabitants, who decided to carry out repairs with their own hands, without resorting to the help of masters from the side? The answer to the question is quite simple - it is money saved, time and nerves. That is, three components that are always lacking. That is why the correct sequence of repairs should be precisely determined.

Repair steps

So, it all starts with the creation of a design project. This document will form the basis of the whole process. Many for some reason imply that the design project is a simple drawing, where the future interior design of the rooms in the apartment is laid out on the shelves. But that's not all. The project includes an estimate of the work carried out, and the types of materials, especially finishing materials, which the designer recommends for use, and the wiring of communications, and the exact location of various architectural structures.That is, the design project should emphasize all the advantages of the apartment and hide its disadvantages, as well as determine the optimal price-quality ratio for the purchased materials. That is why sometimes painting the walls in the apartment is replaced by the installation of decorative panels, or plasterboard suspended ceiling ceiling tension. That is exactly such nuances will be laid in the project, but they will be justified.

The next stage is a complete dismantling of old finishes, windows and communication networks. As they say, you will not break the old, you will not build a new one. If the project incorporated redevelopment, then it is carried out at this stage. And a small addition is garbage collection.

Next, laying communication networks, which include:

  • plumbing;
  • hot water supply;
  • sewage;
  • heating;
  • electricity;
  • ventilation.

By the way, all these works are related to qualifications, and it is almost impossible to make them independently, especially in places with a complex architectural form of the room.

The fourth stage is the alignment of all surfaces without exception, to which the surfaces refer:

  • ceiling;
  • wall;
  • sexual.

And here you can use several options. For example, using traditional plaster or installing drywall sheets, if the conversation is about the ceiling or walls. And with the floor there are no problems at all, the liquid concrete screed will solve all the problems in one fell swoop.

The fifth stage is the finishing of the surfaces. The sequence of this stage is from the top down. That is, the first thing to do is finish the ceiling, then the walls, and after all the floor. But if in the project the installation of a stretch ceiling was laid, then first of all the wall surfaces are finished, and then the ceiling is stretched.

What remains? Thinning. Sockets and switches are installed, lamps and cornices are hung, plinths and various decorative elements are installed. And now only now the interior doors are hung and the platbands are installed. All - the repair is finished, you can install furniture and appliances and live in peace, enjoying a completely new design.