Tutu skirt for girls "MickeyMouse"

Soon the New Year, in most of the kindergartens will be matinees. Each mother was already thinking about that her child had a New Year costume. At this time, many shops are overflowing with beautiful dresses and jewelery. I propose to make a tutu-skirt, a red skirt with white peas can be used as an element of the Mickey Mouse suit for the girl, and a white skirt - snowflakes.
Skirt tutu like mickey mouse
If the costume is made with your own hands, also with love, there will be some unique details in it that will emphasize the girl's specialty at the festival. Having added a hoop skirt with Mickey Mouse ears, you will get a beautiful suit. To make a skirt you need: - tulle tape or meter. I use 2 meters of red tulle of medium hardness with a cutting width of 150 cm; - wide elastic or stretch headband with holes; - scissors; - paper; - ruler with round holes.If tulle is in a ribbon, then it is necessary to cut strips of 50 cm in length.If the meter is thick, it is necessary to cut the entire cut into strips measuring 10 * 50 cm.
 fatin tape or meter
 you must cut the strips
you need to cut strips
Now you need to take the gum, with sew it to make a ring. Take 1 strip of tulle, fold in half, wrap to make a loop and pass the remaining tail. Tighten the “knot”. Attach all the other stripes as well.
 sew an eraser into a ring
 Attach the tulle strips
 Attach the tulle strips