The smallest countries in the world

If you carefully consider the map of our world, then you can find a lot of countries on it - from the largest and most influential, to the very tiny ones that look more like a small town than a real state.

Nevertheless, many of them can boast a high standard of living, as well as their own importance in the global economy, politics and culture.

What countries of our world are the smallest? Today we will make the seven of the smallest states, the main criterion for ordering the ranking will be the area of ​​their territory, you will be surprised what miniature states, it turns out, are found on our planet.

The list also includes associated states, that is, those that formally maintain their independence, but at the same time, a significant part of their power functions entrusts a larger state.

  1. Vatican. The most famous dwarf state, which according to officially recognized data is the smallest in the world, because its area is only 0.44 km2.Geographically located inside Rome and associated with Italy, the Pope of Rome remains the head of life. The Vatican lives mainly due to the numerous donations of Catholic believers from around the world, and the bulk of its citizens, of whom only 842 people are members of the papal governments, the clergy. In addition, the country is not bad at the expense of developed tourism: paid museums, the sale of thematic books, souvenir sphere and so on.
  2. Monaco. The famous principality, located in the South of Europe, is associated with France, with which it borders on land. It is noteworthy, but it is not only one of the dwarfish states of our planet, but also very densely populated: in an area of ​​only 2.02 km2 there are about 36 thousand people! The main area of ​​income is the profit from tourism, which thrives here due to the large number of gambling establishments (which only the famous casinos in Monte Carlo are worth), and also due to the magnificent beach holiday. For a long time this country was called the favorite place for collecting millionaires, influential businessmen and extremely wealthy foreigners who willingly store their financial savings in local banks.
  3. Nauru. The next state on our list is in the western waters of the Pacific Ocean, and its area is equal to some 21.3 km2. It is an island nation, with the only one in the world that does not have an official capital. That is so amazing. In the past few years, a significant part of the country's income is provided by Australia, which cares for the maintenance of its refugees in Nauru.
  4. Tuvalu. Like the previous dwarf state, Tuvalu is located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, it consists of 9 islands. Every year, the country's territory decreases, as the level of the ocean rises, which is why after a few decades it may turn out to be at the bottom. Today its area is about 26 km2. In addition, Tuvalu belongs to the list of the poorest countries in the world, the economy of the state mainly rests on the public sector, agriculture and fishery make up an insignificant part.
  5. San marino. The next miniature state, which is located in Southern Europe and borders on the territory of Italy from all sides. Most of its territory is occupied by massive mountain formations, the total area is about 61 km2.Its inhabitants are proud of the fact that San Marino is considered the most ancient state in Europe, besides, it is one of the few who lacks external economic debt, and this is despite the fact that the country was on the list of the poorest literally after World War II. Today, it is a self-developed state, whose main income is tourism, in addition, San Marino is engaged in the active export of wine, ceramics and building stone.
  6. Liechtenstein. Small and very beautiful principality, which is located in the Alps, in the territory between Switzerland and Austria. Its area is no more than 160 km2, but this does not prevent it from being a prosperous and developed state with an extremely high standard of living. The main field of activity is earnings from the manufacturing industry, instrumentation and engineering. In addition, tourism and the food industry are an inexhaustible source of income.
  7. Marshall Islands. The last line of our ranking is the heavenly place of the planet, the area of ​​which, by the way, is only 181 km2. It is in association with the United States, which, according to the agreement, is obliged to protect the republic from external threats and attacks, because it does not have its own army.An important source of revenue to the treasury is, of course, tourism, after it fishing for fish, copra and phosphates.
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