Tip 3: How to make a cage for a small dog in the apartment

You will need
  • - 40 plates 100x10 mm, length 65 cm;
  • - 4 slats 20x20 mm with a length of 153 cm;
  • - 4 slats 20x20 mm with a length of 100 cm;
  • - 2 slats 20x20 mm, length 36 cm;
  • - rail 20x20 mm, length 40 cm;
  • - short screws on wood with decorative hats;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - metal corners;
  • - shuropovert.
Cut the planks from the top at an angle about the same as a fence for a regular fence. To get a dog enclosure to be neat, use a template. If the farm has a suitable tool, remove the chamfer from the two corners of each board. Sand a tree, for example, grinder with a flap wheel.
Assemble from the slats the upper and lower frames of the aviary. Fasten the rail with corners, placing the short between the long. For each frame, use 4 corners. Keep in mind that you can make a home dog aviary strong using only fairly long corners.
Attach four boards to the short sides of the frames around the edges. Best of all for the enclosure-fence will fit screws with hats "under the tree" or beige. On one board, you can use two or four fasteners. Lock the four corner boards along the edges to the long sides of the frames. Fix the intermediate boards in 3 cm steps. On one of the long sides, install only 8 boards.
Three boards cut into pieces of 20 and 45 cm. Treat the ends of sandpaper. Secure the rail with a length of 40 cm to the extreme in the board formed in the opening. Place it at a height of 20 cm from the floor. Combine pieces of 45 cm with slats of 36 cm length below and above. Attach the resulting gate to the structure on the hinges.
If a small puppy is supposed to be kept in an open-air cage, the bottom of the “fence” should fill the bottom. This will protect the floor of the apartment from pollution, and the pet itself - from a draft. It is possible to make a floor for the open-air cage of plywood or chipboard. To fasten to it the lower frame costs to stuffing of boards.
Oil for a tree is an excellent answer to the question of how to make an aviary fence for a dog in an apartment beautiful. Cover with this tool all the elements of the resulting structure in two layers.Oil will emphasize the natural structure of wood. You can also treat the enclosure varnish or paint it. In the latter case, it is worth choosing a paint that matches the overall color scheme of the flat interior.
At the final stage, dry your dog home for a few days. Put inside a comfortable stove for your pet or put a soft pet store booth. Run inside your pet. At first, until the dog gets used to its new place, close the enclosure gate. To do this, attach a small hook to it.