To keep your feet dry. We make shoes waterproof

In the fall, you have to make a lot of effort to get home or work with dry feet. Even if you skillfully maneuver between puddles, sometimes there are troubles. Here are some tips to help protect shoes from water.

Rub the boots or shoes of candles

For this method of processing are suitable only wax or paraffin candles. Popular stearic will not give proper results. Rub the entire surface of the shoe, paying special attention to the areas in the area of ​​fasteners and seams. After that, warm the shoes with a hair dryer so that the wax or paraffin is absorbed. Unfortunately, the method is not suitable for processing shoes made of suede.

Castor oil paraffin

For this method, you can also use flax seed oil. Heat one part of paraffin to a liquid state in a water bath, and then add 4 parts of oil (you can mix flaxseed with castor oil). Use this mixture to rub your shoes properly.Leave the composition on the skin for 6-8 hours.

Water repellent from the store

Although manufacturers promise instant effect, it’s best to do it in advance. Then you don’t have to update the media layer each time before going outside. Wash and completely dry the shoes (better to process a new pair, or do the procedure before the start of the season). Apply spray in 3-4 approach, each time waiting for complete drying. When shoes no longer absorb the composition, the processing can be considered complete. It is advisable to apply a new layer of impregnation after you have come under heavy rain.