To live healthy and Elena Malysheva: everything about the program

Agree, health is what is important for all of us in the first place. It is only necessary for him to shake a little, as we immediately worry and put aside all our plans, ambitions and aspirations. And it's great that there is a program on television that is dedicated to ensuring that we all stay healthy and happy. It's great to live and his permanent TV presenter, author and producer Elena Malysheva!

To live healthy and Elena Malysheva: everything about the program

For many years this amazing woman has been broadcasting to all the post-Soviet countries about how to keep her body, body and nervous system and to feel every day cheerful, cheerful and full of strength and vigor. For her enormous contribution to the development of television, Elena Vasilyevna was awarded a special government award, but her most important award was the gratitude of the huge number of viewers who watch and discuss the program Everyday life is great and, of course, try to apply the information received from the program to themselves.

Live healthy with Elena Malysheva: how it all began

Elena Malysheva’s first TV project was called “Health” and was first shown in October 1997. For several years, this program changed formats: it turned from a television magazine into a talk show, which attracted even more TV viewers to the screens. Later, in 2010, Elena Vasilievna with her friendly team of doctors presented to the public a new project dedicated to medicine and a healthy lifestyle - the “Live Healthy” program.

To live healthy and Elena Malysheva: everything about the program

The new show has already been devoted not only to medicine, but also to all spheres of people's lives: love and relationships, proper nutrition and life. Moreover, the audience sitting in the crowd, the opportunity to go to the presenter, to voice their problems and instantly get professional help and support!

Initially launched as a supplement to the program “Health”, “Living Healthy” very quickly turned into an independent talk show, where every TV viewer will find the answers to their questions. The program consists of 4 sections: about life, home, nutrition and, of course, medicine. In addition to Elena Malysheva, you can always see the members of her reliable team: Herman Gandelman (cardiologist),Dmitry Shubin (neurologist) and Andrey Prodeus (pediatrician), each of whom can speak in all four program headings and give valuable advice.

To live healthy: everyone tells - we are treating!

To live healthy and Elena Malysheva: everything about the program

The name of the program, as stated by Elena Vasilyevna, was not at all accidentally invented. “Every spectator who watches our program should carefully monitor their health, regularly undergo examination, not have bad habits and then life will be really great,” the TV presenter says tirelessly.

Thanks to the four headings “Live healthy”, for one program’s air you can learn a lot of new and useful things:

  • About food. There is a discussion of food, various foods and its properties. What food is worth eating and what is undesirable.
  • About the house and way of life. Sample topics: how to properly wash dishes and what, whether a computer or a mobile phone is harmful, etc.
  • About life. Any topics of interest to the public: how to store clothes and shoes, questions about personal life, etc.
  • About medicine. In this section of the program, participants receive qualified medical care right up to cosmetic surgeries!

To live healthy and Elena Malysheva: everything about the program

Live great: watch online all releases

Below you will find a video of all the editions of Live the Life with Elena Malysheva. Thanks to our site you can always see both new ethers and issues of past years. Good luck to you and be always healthy!