Tomatoes varieties "Olesya": description, characteristics, yield, especially growing


Description and main characteristics of the variety "Olesya"

Variety refers to the medium early and fruits can be expected in 100-110 days after planting. The plant is tall. Its stems are capable of reaching a height of 1.5-1.8 m, have a color characteristic of tomato crops, do not branch and form a small number of large-sized sheets.

Tomatoes of this variety attract the attention with orange color of ripened fruits and many of them are compared with the well-known Koningsberg golden variety. The fruit also has a plum-like shape of medium density and thick skin. The average weight of a ripe tomato is 150 g, but the maximum weight can reach 300 g.

Tomatoes collect excellent reviews regarding the taste of ripe fruits and are distinguished by the presence of a small amount of seeds and the sweetness of the flesh, nutritional value and excellent aroma, and also tolerate storage.

Productivity and cultivation features

Since the variety is initially resistant to many types of pathogenic microorganisms and resistant to temperature changes, the yield is quite high. With each bush can collect more than 5 kg of tomato. However, in order to enjoy a bountiful harvest, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of growing this variety.

Sow seeds for seedlings should be 60-65 days before the planned date of planting tomato bushes in the soil. The most comfortable temperature for good germination of seeds is 23-25 ​​° C. After the appearance of full leaflets tomatoes need to pick.

Since tomato bushes grow long enough, there is a need to tie them to a support in order to avoid bending and breaking the plant stems in the future. Shrubs should be watered regularly, avoiding the formation of excessive moisture. High humidity contributes not only to the development of many diseases of the soil, but also to the formation of cracks in the fruit.

The plant is good for feeding, which is recommended to do 3-4 times per season. In the period of growth, nitrogen-containing fertilizers are perfect, and since the beginning of flowering, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are introduced.And the additional care, which consists in clearing the soil from weeds that pick up nutrients, will make the bushes of tomatoes more healthy, speed up the ripening process and will please you with a bountiful harvest.