Unpretentious perennials for the garden: when care is minimized

The special charm of perennial flowers is that they will constantly please the eye. At the same time they are unpretentious and do not require constant care. From such flowers it is easy to create a magnificent flower bed. They can be landed taking into account the periods of flowering. Then, having arrived at the dacha at any time, you can admire the results of your efforts. Perennials are great for front gardens. No less impressive islands of fragrant flowers will look in the depths of the garden.


If phlox were not so beautiful, they could easily be compared with weeds. These plants take root and grow well. Coloring of flowers can be very different. There are not only multicolor beauties among phloxes, but even “chameleons” that react to lighting.

Anemone (aka Windy)

This flower is always gorgeous. Depending on the variety, the anemone can bloom from early spring to late autumn.Using different colors of this representative of the family of buttercups, it is easy to get a luxurious multicolored flower bed.

Geranium magnificent

In May and June, it will please with abundant flowering, and by the autumn, with leaves that have acquired a reddish tint.


Starting to bloom in July, astilba pleases the eye until the autumn. With proper watering, it will bloom magnificently even while in the shade.


With proper selection of varieties, gelenium will bloom from June to October. Plants love well lit places.


The more sun, the brighter and more abundant flowering will be. If you bother to trim a faded catnip, it is likely that it will bloom again.


The unpretentious stonecrop adorns the flower beds, starting in spring, and blooms only in August. The leaves of an unpretentious light-loving plant resemble flowers themselves.


Low sage posts are not only encouraging because they bloom throughout the summer. The enchanting scent of these pink-purple flowers is magnificent.


Garden chamomile does not need special care. Perennial varieties are sometimes sufficient to be watered and fed. Blossoms daisy for a long time. It is often used for bouquets.

Mack oriental

Large scarlet poppy flowers will be a special decoration of the garden. Different varieties of poppy bloom timing is not the same. If desired, you can choose them in such a way that the poppy is pleased with the eye from May to July.

Astra is shrub

There is one more name for these flowers - the september women. They begin to bloom closer to September and continue until frost. Separately planted spherically shaped green bushes look self-sufficient.


Another sunny flower is rudbeckia. It blooms from late summer until mid-autumn. The only condition that must be met is to choose a sunny place for planting.


Effectively look collected in the inflorescence of the basket miniature flowers yarrow. This plant has a long flowering period - from June to September.


It blooms in July, while attracting attention not so much flowers, as the shape and color of the leaves.


Known for its healing properties echinacea is absolutely undemanding in care. For years it can be in the same place, being at the same time a subject of admiration.