Velvet swimwear - the most unexpected trend of this summer

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

In itself, the combination of the words "velvet" and "beach" for many will precisely provoke a surprised reaction. I'm not kidding? Velvet? For swimming? And in the heat? In fact, there are not so many new products in the beach fashion, so that we miss this, albeit not very logical, micro trend by. The story of velvet as beachwear began last summer with Kylie Jenner and fashion bloggers, and continued this year when democratic brands joined the trend, giving us dozens of options for velvet swimwear for the season. On Instagram photos, these “plush” swimsuits look so attractive that you just want to try them out. And if this is not the first or even the second strategic swimsuit in your collection, then why not take a chance? In this compilation, we present several seductive and absolutely affordable options.

Black velvet swimsuit

An important plus of velvet swimsuits, it seems to us, is that they are as close as possible to their underwear. And this means that they will be useful to you on vacation in those days when you did not decide whether you will go to the beach, but want to leave the house in a bathing suit in advance. For example, this velvet set in general will elegantly replace the base duet of black bra and panties.

Black Velvet Mango Swimsuit

Mango swimsuit in black velvet (3,699 rubles)

Sweet blue velvet swimsuit

There is a velvet "in clip" shades, which literally captures the spirit and want to sing odes to this material ad infinitum. And of course, such a sapphire blue is among them. In this merged swimsuit, you do not even need to dive into water, it looks very sexy on the land in the body format.

Pull and Bear swimsuit from blue velvet

Blue velvet Pull and Bear swimsuit (1 999 rub.)

Silver velvet swimsuit

When the main goal of the trip to the beach is tanning, then you will not guess at all about putting on a tight, closed swimsuit, but rather pick up something like this option. And the silver color on the tanned skin will look fantastic.

Silver Velvet RRD Swimsuit

Swimsuit RRD from silvery velvet (6 895 rub.)

Sconce with push up velvet

Finding a nice swimsuit with a push up top is generally almost impossible. Small sizes end instantly, but for some reason designers also like to provide push up with an extra decoration in the form of frills or flowers. With this model, things are better: there are flowers, and there are two berry shades in velvet, and miniature sizes have not yet ended.

Sconce Victoria's Secret with push up of velvet

Victoria's Secret sconce with velvet push up (2 736 rub.)

Velvet sports swimsuit

Without a powdery pink hue, we simply could not do, because we sincerely believe that it is he who has a magical visual effect in velvet: the breast does more, and the ass is rounder. If in doubt, check your choice on democratic brands, so as not to be disappointed.

Velgued Missguided Swimsuit

Missguided Velvet Swimsuit (490 Rub. At a discount)

Swimsuit from two different parts

At one time, fashion magazines gave the idea of ​​a separate swimsuit from two different models as a separate trend and sprinkled with examples of stars who are sunbathing on the beach in the multicolored top and bottom. And now such creative swimsuits are even created specially, like this model with a velvet gang top and panties “from another opera” with a vintage floral print.