Warm and cozy turtleneck with patterns for sizes 38-50

Women's turtleneck - an indispensable item of women's wardrobe, which organically fits and a strict office style and clothing sets with jeans or long skirts. It can be worn under a strict jacket, with a sundress-hoodie, with a cardigan. It is suitable for women of all ages and style preferences. The variety of knitted fabrics allows you to sew turtlenecks from calm monochromatic fabrics or from bright elastic materials. Flowers, stripes, cell, abstract solutions - all this can be embodied in your design idea when sewing a turtleneck.

Our pattern of women's turtleneck is designed for a standard Russian size and is represented by a wide dimensional ruler. If you wish, you can slightly lengthen the sleeves or the length of a turtleneck, adjusting it to the features of your figure.