We are looking for a nanny without intermediaries

Before you begin your own search for a nanny without intermediaries, describe which one you imagine is the most suitable candidate. Once you understand your requirements, proceed to the search.
You can consider the following options:
- find a nanny through a friend;
- suggest to look after the child for your relative;
- look for a babysitter on the ad.

Looking for nanny through friends

The surest way to find a good and reliable nanny for your child is a recommendation. If your friends, relatives, acquaintances or neighbors themselves resorted to the services of this nanny, they can recommend her as a qualified and responsible employee. A decent, executive, attentive nanny is very much appreciated.
The main disadvantage of this method is that a nanny who has approached your friends may not be suitable for you. This may occur due to differences in the age of children, their nature, individual characteristics and other reasons. It may not be very convenient to refuse a babysitting service that your good friend or acquaintance kindly recommended you.

Relative as a nanny

You can try to hire your relative as a nanny for the child. The main advantage of this method is that you hire a loved one with whom you are familiar, knowing his lifestyle, habits and character.Often, the nurse-relative does not require a large reward, sometimes it gives her joy to communicate with the baby, and she looks after him with pleasure for a nominal fee.
This method is very convenient for a poor family that does not have the ability to pay for the services of a professional nanny. The negative point is that often relatives-nurses begin to feel entitled to give various advice that they are not asked to, and to interfere in family matters.

Nanny on an ad

If your friends and relatives could not help you, you can find a babysitter for an ad on the Internet or in newspapers. Turning to search on the Internet, you should visit specialized sites. They have a convenient search engine that will quickly help you choose the right candidate without leaving your home.
If you still could not find a suitable candidate, submit a private announcement about finding a nanny.In this case, you can use the Internet services or place an ad in the newspaper in the "Required" section.
In order to correctly draw up your proposal, do not forget to indicate the child’s age, work schedule of the nanny, your place of residence (area of ​​the city) and the requirements for the candidate (her character qualities, availability of education, age, experience of working with children of the same age).It is also worth clarifying wages.
Before you leave with the nanny of your child, be sure to rewrite the passport details of the employee, and better make a copy of the passport. Get in touch with people who could confirm her good faith. And the first week, try not to go to work to observe the interaction of the nanny and the child. After all, if she does not have a good contact with your baby, it is better to start a new search.