Which antivirus is better for Windows 7?

After installing the new operating system is very important to protect your computer. Often, inexperienced users are greatly lost in the process of selecting an antivirus program. In our article we will give examples of one of the most popular antiviruses and help you figure out which antivirus is better for Windows 7.

Avira Antivir

It is a powerful and fairly easy-to-use antivirus program for Windows 7. This antivirus is capable of finding and neutralizing all types of viruses, trojans and rootkits. Thanks to the emergence of the Russian official version, the Avira antivirus program has become very popular among Russian Windows users. Avira Anti-Virus offers a free and fully functional version for private and non-commercial use of Avira Antivir Personal. The free version does not require registration and key input. The main advantage of this antivirus is that, with such wide capabilities, Avira Antivir works rapidly even on slower computers.

AVG Antivirus

One of the very first antivirus programs for Windows 7 confronts all types of threats, even rootkits. Antivirus has a Russian version.The main difference between the AVG Antivirus antivirus program is its ability to scan a web page before it is opened and the files before they are downloaded. Under the link you can download the free version of the AVG Free antivirus program for private home use. AVG products have a Windows 7 compatibility icon.

BullGuard Internet Security

This antivirus is an Internet security suite for Windows 7. BullGuard Internet Security easily finds and disinfects viruses and Trojans. It is unlikely that you will make a mistake if you think that this antivirus is better for windows 7. In addition, the firewall successfully removes the intrusion of malware from the network and prohibits installed programs from going online. One of the main drawbacks of the antivirus is the lack of a Russian and free version. However, BullGuard Internet Security wins the fact that the anti-virus program includes a function that allows you to archive 5 GB of files on the Internet. The function is activated automatically during the installation process and is not deleted after uninstalling the antivirus.

Kaspersky Antivirus

In the question of which antivirus is better for Windows 7, Kaspersky antivirus occupies a leading position. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 successfully removes viruses, trojans and rootkits.Included anti-virus program contains a firewall that protects your computer from penetration from the Internet and blocks access to the network to installed programs. The downside is that the antivirus does not have a free version, but offers free utilities capable of removing viruses from an infected computer. Utilities can be downloaded from the link.

Norman Antivirus

This antivirus program is designed to remove viruses, Trojans and rootkits. Russian version is missing. Norman Antivirus does not provide a free version, but has a free utility that can be purchased at the link. The utility removes viruses, trojans, rootkits, stops infected processes, edits errors in the registry and Windows Firewall, which can be caused by the activity of dangerous programs.


One of the oldest antivirus programs for detecting and neutralizing viruses and malware. It has the emblem of compatibility with Windows 7. It does not provide a free version, but can offer you a 90-day trial version of McAfree antivirus. Also at the link you can download a free utility. The advantage of the utility is that it is able to find and destroy some peculiar viruses.