What are the benefits for donors?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 18, 2013
What are the benefits for donors?

Blood transfusion has become such a common occurrence that sometimes we do not even think about those who provide us with this priceless product at a crucial moment. But these are people who save our lives. In Russia, the law “On blood donation” is in effect, and it is they who determine what benefits are granted to donors. Anyone who gives blood, you need to know about them to use in full.

Normal donor

An ordinary donor doesn’t have many benefits, but they do exist. For example, he must be released without any questions from work on the day he goes to donate blood. The donor at the blood collection point will be given a certificate of the established sample, he will present it after delivery in the accounting department. According to this certificate, he is obliged to provide another day of rest after donating blood or any day to choose from, or attach it to the vacation. Both days are paid at the rate of the average salary.

If the donor donates blood during his annual vacation, on a holiday or a day off, then one day of rest is provided with the plus for the day of blood donation and it is paid in double.

On the day when the donor is going to donate blood, he is provided free food at the expense of the budget. It contains all the nutrients so that the donor can recuperate. As a rule, it includes abundant warm drink and chocolate, as hematopoietic products.

Donor who donates blood for free

If a donor went for a whole year and donated blood, and donated a total of two maximum permissible doses for this period (and this is from 600 to 900 ml of blood, depending on the donor’s build-up), then he has additional benefits. It is very useful for students to find out what benefits for donors exist, since they receive a 25% increase in scholarships, a whole year for sick leave is paid in the amount of 100% regardless of length of service, treatment during the year is completely free at state clinics. In addition to all donors, the first right to travel to sanatorium-resort treatment is given.

Honorary Donor of Russia

If a donor donated blood 40 times or plasma 60 times, then he is awarded the title “Honorary Donor of Russia” and a badge is issued. The benefits of honorary blood donors are completely different and more. Honorary donors are treated in public clinics for free and without queues, they make and repair dentures for free,in state pharmacies they have a 50% discount on all medicines. If at work or at the place of study they issue vouchers to a sanatorium, then honorary donors have the right to receive them first. They are given holidays at any convenient time, they travel free of charge in public transport, they pay only half of their cost for utilities. Even loans for building a house (not an apartment) are taken by honorary donors on concessional terms.

And completing the story about what benefits the honorary donor has, it must be said that they receive an annual cash allowance and in 2013 it will be 11,138 rubles, this amount is not taxed and is annually indexed.