What are the cerebral hemispheres responsible for?

In this article we will talk about what the hemispheres of the brain are responsible for. It is no secret to anyone that it is to the brain that we owe our ability to think. In addition, the functions of the brain include: coordination of movement, generation and decoding of speech, processing information about the surrounding and inner world, planning, attention, decision-making, memory, emotions. The brain is the main part of the nervous system and is a complex system of nerve cells. Until now, the brain has not been studied to the end, many of its abilities for us remain a mystery.

For a start it is worth noting that the brain consists of five sections: the medulla, the hindbrain (the bridge, the cerebellum), the midbrain, the intermediate and the forebrain (the cerebral hemispheres).

What the brain hemispheres are responsible for: functions

Now we will dwell in more detail on the functions of the cerebral hemispheres.

The right brain is responsible for the creative side of a person�s character:

  • Imagination, dreams. Thanks to the right hemisphere, among us there are creative individuals who write books and create beautiful pictures. With the help of the right hemisphere we are able to dream and dream.
  • Musical ability and ability to perceive music.
  • The perception of non-verbal information, that is, thanks to the work of the right hemisphere, we perceive images and symbols.
  • Orientation in space. Thanks to this hemisphere we can navigate the terrain, perceive its position in it.
  • Intuition, the so-called premonitions, and everything related to mysticism, also applies to the activities of the right hemisphere.
  • The right hemisphere is also responsible for our understanding of metaphors, that is, thanks to this hemisphere, we can read �between the lines�, understand not the literal meaning of information, but various literary turns.
  • Parallel processing of information. In this hemisphere, multiple streams of information can be processed simultaneously. That is, it considers the process, the phenomenon, the problem as a whole, without exposing them to analysis. In this case, we can observe a complete picture of what is happening.
  • Control the movement of parts of the left half of the body.

The left brain is responsible for the logic:

  • Analytics. It is the left brain that is responsible for the analysis, logic.
  • Mathematical thinking.
  • A literal understanding of the words provides the left hemisphere.
  • Language abilities, namely, speech, the ability to write and read, memorize letters, numbers, and their writing.
  • The sequence in information processing, that is, during the work of the left hemisphere, information is processed sequentially, precisely because of this we can analyze a particular situation.
  • Control the movement of the right half of the body.

How to develop the ability of hemispheres

If you want to develop any hemisphere, then intensively do what it is responsible for. Ideally, both hemispheres should be developed equally and smoothly to work. So if you think that the right hemisphere is not sufficiently developed in you, engage in music, dancing, painting, photography. If, on the contrary, solve logical problems, study a foreign language, read more.

From this article you have learned information on the topic: what the hemispheres of the brain are responsible for. Develop your abilities, because only you know what you are capable of.