What are the lowest-calorie dried fruits?

If you adhere to the principles of healthy eating, you probably know that the amount of sweets in it is limited. But you want to please and pamper yourself with delicious. Then dried fruit will come to the rescue. They perfectly satisfy hunger and can be used for snacking. In addition, such products are much more useful. But which ones to choose?

Source of vitamins and good mood

First, let's see, is it really possible to include dried fruits in the diet while losing weight? You can, even though they contain a fairly large amount of sugar. If you eat several dates or dried dried apricots a day, you will get 50-70 kcal. But a cake or a few cookies will bring much more.

Another important point - pastries, sweet bars and other goodies are sources of fast carbohydrates, which first create the effect of satiety, but just as quickly that satiety is “taken away”. And sugar, which is contained in dried fruit, splits much longer, extending the time of the campaign for the next portion.

Well, do not forget that besides the pleasure of chocolate and other sweets you will get some benefits. And, for example, figs, apples or pears will provide the body with the right amount of fiber and nutrients.

So which ones are the most low-calorie?

ApplesDepending on the variety, they contain about 230-250 kcal. These fruits help to improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and also effectively cope with the processing of fats. Eating "drying" regularly, you among other things, strengthen the immune system.

Prunes. 233 kcal - not so much for a dried plum, which has a cleansing effect, freeing the body of toxins. Paired with bananas (245 kcal) prunes improves the digestive process, has a positive effect on concentration processes, and even is the prevention of cancer.

The only thing that is worth remembering in the selection process is that only dried fruits, not smoked fruits, have such properties.

Dried apricots. One of the most popular dried fruits, in which they live 240 kcal. Nutritionists consider it the ideal fruit for those who lose weight. It contains a large amount of pectin, which facilitates digestion, as well as potassium, without which the heart can not function properly.

Well, another plus - glucose and fructose, which make the taste sweet, will not be deposited on your sides, but, on the contrary, will help your brain to work better.

Figs245-260 kcal to someone may seem quite impressive figure. But if you compare it with your favorite raisins (279-290 kcal) or the famous “fat burner” pineapple (285 kcal), then it turns out that it is not very good.

All this is overlapped by the benefits. The pulp of the fruit contains vitamins A, C, B1 and B5 necessary for a person, and also iron and potassium. A great option for a snack. And it's a good source of antioxidants and a mild intestinal cleaner.

As you can see, there is something to please yourself. And even the most ardent fans of proper and healthy nutrition can find in this list a tasty treat that will give true gastronomic delight, while bringing the body exclusively benefit. Bon Appetit!

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