What are the nightclubs in Kazan? I want to hang out 

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So what's stopping you from hanging out in KAZANI?) Dress up more abruptly, put on make-up, take your girlfriends and go! The most popular places are Barsuk - that�s where you�ll definitely come off in full!)) Havana club, so interesting clubbing. Here there is a karaoke club STUDIO, located on Ostrovsky Street. I do not remember the exact address. Zazhigalka - strip bar)) Shisha, Ibragimova pr-kt, d. 56. Club for the elite - RAY located, st. Paris Commune, 26. Arena - popular, prices are not high, in the city center, Pushkin st., 17 I still like the club. Quiet location, located at 21, Burkhan Shakhidi.