What are the spots on the face?

Spots on the skin do not appear just like that - there will always be some reason. And about what makes the spots on the face most often, we will talk with you in this article. Let's start with the most common red spots.

Red spots on the face: causes

First of all, the appearance of red spots and other reddening of the face can be a sign of an allergic disease. In this case, the spots appear periodically. It may be allergic to odors, but more often - to some products. Here you need to track down after eating what products these spots appear or consult a doctor. In addition, red spots can cause the use of any medications (also a particular case of allergy). Also, allergic spots may appear due to various airborne particles: dust, plant pollen, mold microspores, etc. Another reason for their appearance are nervous disorders, frequent stress, overexcitement, which also may well be the impetus to the development of gastrointestinal disorders or, for example, beriberi.Of the other reasons, we note acne, due to which often appear spots from acne on the face.

More on the appearance of spots

If you think that none of the above reasons are suitable for your case, think about this: remember what you usually put on your face, what means to clean and wash it. It is likely that the appearance of red spots due to improper cosmetic or detergent. In addition, the cause of the appearance of red spots on the face may well be tap water, which we rinse the face. I personally experienced its impact as soon as I moved to another city. At the new place of residence, the water is completely different in composition, and it took some time for the organism to adapt to it. And it was during this process that I observed reddening of my face, which in 3-4 months completely disappeared. In search of the cause, I came across this one, and my guesses were later confirmed by a specialist�s diagnosis. Also, red spots can be the body's response to solar activity, it happens even when a short stay under the rays of the solar ultraviolet provokes the appearance of spots.A single appearance of red spots on the face can speak about the reaction of the skin to changes in temperature, to various atmospheric phenomena. But if the stains are persistent and appear regularly, it may well speak about a skin infection. Especially it is worth guarding when the spots on the face peel off. In these cases, the chronic presence of red spots on the nose, on the forehead and on the cheeks is often observed. In any case, with chronic manifestations you should not guess, but you should consult a doctor - a skin disease specialist - a dermatologist, who will not only identify the cause, but also prompt a competent treatment.

Age spots on face

Most often they appear after various inflammations - for example, acne, scars or acne. Also, there are cases of pigment spots caused by solar ultraviolet radiation. In these cases, there are such phenomena that are known in medicine as melasma (symmetrical dark brown pigment spots), chloasma (limited skin hyperpigmentation) and lentigo (dark brown flat spots). Melasma, by the way, can also occur on the face of a woman during pregnancy.In this case, do not be afraid, it is a normal hormonal process. Of the other causes of pigment spots, we note, first of all, improperly performed cosmetic procedures and operations.