What can I give my sister?

Who do you know better than anyone else than your sister? You grew up with her, you have a common family history and you probably have a lot in common in interests and preferences. However, even among brothers and sisters, the question often arises as to what to give each other.

In this article we will tell you what you can give your sister and what you should not give her.

What she herself wants

The easiest and most reliable option is to ask your sister directly what she would like to receive as a gift. Of course, to make a surprise in this case, you will not succeed, but you will know for sure that you spent the money for good reason. In addition, the family is a family, and often you have a common life with your sister. There is nothing wrong with asking your sister what she needs. Another option is to present an envelope with money. Situations in life are different, and, perhaps, she now really needs money than flowers and gifts.

Interior items

Even if you don’t already live in the same house, you must be visiting her often. This gives you an advantage over other guests, since you know exactly the decor of the house or apartment and you can safely buy various pieces of furniture and decor.You are probably well aware of your sister's tastes, and if you tense up a little, you may be able to remember what the sister thinks is missing in her house. You can buy a painting, a statuette, a vase, decorative pillows. A rocking chair, for example, can be a real surprise, provided it has something to put.


Perhaps you and your sister had a parrot as a child or you always wanted to have a dog, but your parents were forbidden. Maybe it is time to make children's dreams come true and give your sister a faithful pet. But at the same time, you must be sure that neither your sister nor her family members will be against this time and that none of them is allergic to animals.

DIY gift

Showing real care and participation is a gift that you yourself have made. By and large, it doesn't matter what it will be - a postcard, a pillow, an embroidered picture or a knitted sweater. Important attention. If you are not able to sew, knit or make sculptures - do not be discouraged! You can burn a disk or a flash drive with her favorite songs for her, or make a collage of your family photos on a simple sheet of paper.

Give a holiday

If your sister is not in the mood to celebrate her birthday, you must take on this responsibility. Many consider the birthday a sad holiday and reluctant to celebrate it. Arrange a party for your sister, inviting her friends, or take her somewhere to have fun. Birthday is a fairly warm holiday, which is best celebrated with family.

Not worth giving

Now let's talk about what exactly the sister should not give.

  • If your sister is not an inveterate hostess and does not spend a day at the stove, no need to give her kitchen appliances and utensils - she can buy it without you.
  • Alcohol is a gift that is usually given in cases where you could not think of anything better. Moreover, such a gift to a woman is not always appropriate, only if it is not a collection bottle of some exquisite wine or champagne. But in this case it is better to try to think of something more original.
  • Footwear. Even if you know what size of shoes your sister wears, we do not advise you to buy any shoes as a gift at once for two reasons. First, shoes always need to be measured. Be it sneakers or boots, it is important that the shoes fit well on the foot.Rise, height and width of heels, etc. are important. Secondly, you can not guess with the design. If it is still possible to pick up clothes for a loved one, it is almost impossible to pick up shoes that you would surely like and fit into your wardrobe.