What do pigs eat?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
August 18, 2014
What do pigs eat?

The Pig is an artiodactite The family includes several species of wild pigs and a domesticated species of this animal. The article says what wild and domestic pigs actually eat.

Wild pigs

Wild members of this family live in nature, so they eat everything they can find:

  • insects;
  • small animals;
  • birds and chicks;
  • fish, river invertebrates.

Wild pigs also eat plant food: fruits, berries, roots, seeds, nuts; seaweed They are very fond of wild mushrooms. All this they find in the forests and on the desert fields. In search of food, they can come close to human settlements and get food in garden plots.

Among the wild and domestic pigs there are those who eat meat. There have been cases in history when pigs ate people. Therefore, being in an open field or forest, you must be very careful not to meet a family of pigs on the way (especially a young mother with piglets: the females are very aggressive with the young offspring).

Domesticated pigs

Domestic pigs eat what their master cooks. On domestic pig farms mainly feed:

  • bran;
  • food waste;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • weed grass from the garden (nettle, burdock, clover, couch grass).

We must be careful with weeds, among which can be poisonous herbs. Also, do not add to the diet of pigs tops of beets, carrots and radishes.

Do domestic pigs eat meat?

Domestic pigs, like their wild relatives, eat meat. Especially no one cooks him, but among the waste from the table there are pieces of meat. There are also cases when domestic pigs ate children who were taken to the pen. To feed the pigs - sustainable expression in a criminal environment. Received widespread after the release of the film "Big Kush", although this practice of getting rid of corpses and people practiced before the Italian mafia.

Pigs in the zoo

Many visited the zoo and saw there ordinary and decorative pigs. But not many people wondered how to feed them.

In the zoo, animals are fed with special feeds, but during a visit to the pigs, you can also feed them with specially prepared food, which is sold at the entrance. The set consists of vegetables: beets, carrots, potatoes.

Zoo workers do not advise bringing food for animals with them, as this can lead to the emergence of various diseases in animals and digestive upset.