What does the expression "Medusa Look" mean?

The expression "View of Medusa" is based on the ancient Greek legend of the Gorgon sisters.

Medusa Gorgon

According to legend, the Gorgon named Medusa was one of three sisters, who was a woman who had a ball of moving serpents instead of hair. It is believed that it was the noticeable similarity between the head of a jellyfish with moving serpent-hair and the tentacles of a marine or oceanic jellyfish, which also constantly meander, gave rise to the name of this marine inhabitant.
However, its danger to travelers, appearing near its habitat, was not so much in its terrible form, which frightened them, as in the action of its gaze. According to legend, who saw the eyes of the Gorgon Medusa turned into a stone statue. This her ability allowed her to win numerous victories over her opponents, turning them into stone. The only one who was able to defeat her was the hero of ancient Greek myths called Perseus, who had been warned in advance about her such ability.Therefore, going to battle with the gorgon Medusa, he armed himself with a shield, which the goddess Athena gave him.
This shield had a very smooth polished surface, in which Perseus saw all the reflecting objects as clearly as with his own eyes. This also related to the image of the Gorgon Medusa, but its reflection no longer possessed the magic power that her gaze had, so Perseus was able to avoid being turned to stone and cut off the head of Medusa.
At the same time, the severed head of the Gorgon retained its magical abilities, which Perseus himself could later take advantage of, accomplishing his feats of arms. So, using the head of Medusa, he turned into a stone the sea dragon Keto, the king of Polidekta and his other opponents.

"View of Medusa"

Today, the expression “The View of Medusa” is used within the context of this legend, referring to the events that occurred during the battle between it and Perseus. Of course, it should not be taken literally, since none of the people have the ability to turn another person into stone with the help of a glance: it is used primarily in a metaphorical sense.Thus, the use of this expression in relation to any person means that his view seems to be heavy, disapproving or even hating to others.