What dreams of black clothes in a dream

Black clothes in a dream, as a rule, serve as a negative symbol. Remember who exactly dreamed you in black clothes in order to most accurately decipher what he saw a dream.

Dream Dream Thelomena

To see black clothes - to quarrels with close people because of your rash words.

To be dressed in black - to the losses, damages, deterioration of the financial situation. The black robe on you also foreshadows illness in your family.

If you dreamed of a man in black clothes - to serious financial expenses or losses that will affect you or your loved ones.

People in black - in the absence of your support, a loved one may be in danger. He can also face serious illnesses.

To see black clothes in a dream on a nun - to the end of your career and the beginning of a new stage in the professional sphere. Perhaps the end of a relationship with a loved one.

A woman dressed in black - to the futility of trying to solve problems and implement their plans in the near future. If this dream saw a man - to the betrayal and disappointment of the opposite sex.

Dirt black clothes - someone denies you, trying to spoil your reputation.

Black clothes of large size - to a serious quarrel with your friends over your fault.