What dreams of new boots?

February 19, 2015
What dreams of new boots?

Dreams are a reflection of our feelings and experiences. Often in dreams we see what we want to possess or constantly think about. How to interpret a dream where new boots appear? Perhaps this is a hint that you need to buy a new thing?

Based on the interpretation of various dream books, consider what dreams of new boots.

New boots: the interpretation of sleep

Most dream books say that new boots really dream of new clothes and good purchases. New beautiful boots in a dream - prosperity, happiness and prosperity. For women, such a dream foreshadows receiving an expensive gift from a man. In any case, sleeping with boots relates to the material side of life. However, there are other interpretations of this dream: new boots - to significant changes in destiny, serious news. It is important to pay attention to the details of sleep.

  • To see new boots in a dream (especially a man) - means that a long road is expected, which is very important to overcome for you.
  • Boots with high tops - this dream speaks of your arrogance, the desire to occupy a dominant role.
  • Dear boots - a sign that you are very wasteful, you need to save your money.
  • Try on new boots - you can be deceived. But also a dream in which you put your shoes on your shoes can foreshadow a quick wealth. If, on the contrary, you take off your boots in a dream, then this is a bad sign - to poverty or illness.

The interpretation of this dream may vary depending on the appearance of the boots, their novelty and color.