What if a man is married

How to be if a man is marriedAll women, regardless of age, dream to find their soul mate, to feel a strong male shoulder, which can be supported in difficult times. But very often the representatives of the opposite sex use women's weakness and gullibility and just play with our feelings. And we, in our turn, believe every word spoken and do not even suspect that for him this is just a fleeting affair, and at home a legal wife awaits him, who, incidentally, is also unaware of her husband's tricks.

How to find out if he is married or not

Of course, you can ask an interesting question about the family, but not the fact that you get an honest answer. Often, a male seeking entertainment and short-term intimate communication without further commitment is not recognized as having a wife.
You can also ask the guy for a passport, but you yourself understand perfectly well that if he hides something, he will not show it, and you will not be able to check for the presence of a stamp. And if the chosen one is honest with you and values ​​the established relationship, then there will be no problems with that.How to be if a man is married

If your loved one has 1001 reasons for weekends or holidays, why he cannot be with you, think about whether he is spending these days with his wife.
He never invites you home, referring to the repair or suddenly arrived relatives? Or maybe he just does not want to "shine" in front of the neighbors or is afraid of being caught on a hot day?

Regular romantic meetings in a country cafe or hotel, of course, not bad, but also should alert you. Apparently, he is hiding and does not want to appear with you in crowded places where he can be recognized.How to be if a man is married

The absence of a wedding ring on the ring finger is far from an indicator of a bachelor. Many ladies' men pre-remove it, but if you look closely, you can see a white mark on the spot in advance of the hidden ringlets.

Look closely at the appearance of the chosen one: if he is dressed with a needle, ironed and tidy, then perhaps it means that a caring wife carefully watches the appearance of her spouse.

How does a married man behave

Watch his behavior when you ask why he doesn’t invite you to his house, doesn’t get acquainted with friends and relatives, or why he even canceled yesterday’s date.If the guy is cunning or he has something to hide, then by his reaction and the answer to the question you will immediately understand.

If the object of voices for your request to give your home phone number responded calmly and immediately wrote you a number, do not worry, it does not hide anything from you. And if he fussed and started to get nervous - nine out of ten that he was married.

He asked not to call him first, referring to employment? Most likely, he simply does not want your calls at inconvenient times when he is at home and near his wife.How to be if a man is married

Married men, omitting the candy-bouquet period and lengthy courtship, try to tempt a woman as soon as possible and incline her to an intimate relationship — all they need is sex and nothing else.How to be if a man is married

But what if you find out that your loved one is married and the relationship has gone too far, and you can’t imagine your future life without this person? Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness cannot be built on someone else’s misfortune. Consider if he could get away from his wife for you, that he should exchange you for another woman. Do you need such a man? Although we all have the right to choose.