What is a major?

In music, there are two musical frets, which are major - it is a major and a minor. Let's talk more about what a major is, what a major major is and how the major major differs from a minor one, as well as how this word is used in modern slang.

What is a major: definition

Major is a set of musical instrument sounds, implying a cheerful and cheerful tone. Such a formulation is connected with the fact that all music is in its essence created to convey the feelings and emotions of a person. A composer who composes a certain musical composition or symphony is based on his feelings and puts them into music.

The process of developing a musical composition is rather complicated and often intertwined with the experimental method of selecting the necessary sounds. Each recorded note is followed by a heavy selection of subsequent notes and an attempt to harmonize them with each other so that the music sounds pleasant to human hearing.

Major mood

Due to the fact that the set of sounds is limitless, and human hearing is able to perceive sounds in the range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, it became necessary to classify certain simple sets of tonalities.The main ones that can be played on any musical instrument are the major and minor key. It turns out that the major mood is a sequence of any composition that, on a psychological level, causes associations in a person with a cheerful and cheerful mood. Also, any composition can be recorded in the minor mode, to get the opposite effect of sound and perception on a psychological level. The minor mode is a mode whose sounds form a minor and minor triad.

Differences of the major mode from the minor

Any set of notes can be written in the form of a major or minor scale. That is, any musical composition consisting of a certain set of notes can be played both in a minor and in a major.

The difference between the major mode and the minor is that between the second tone and the first in the minor there is a minor third, and in the major major. In simple terms, major minor is a harmonic expression of the joy-sadness states of the soul.

Musical term in everyday life

In youth slang, the word major is used in a context indicating rich people who live in abundance and abundance.It is believed that people with great material goods, get almost everything they want. And a person who gets what he wants is in joy and euphoria. And vice versa: people who do not have a large amount of material goods do not always get what they want and therefore do not always stay in a state of joy and pleasure.

Compared to people who have less material wealth at their disposal, it turns out that a rich analogy can be drawn between rich people and the musical term “major”, confirming the constant emotional state of rich people.