What is a portal?

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What is a portal?

The word "portal" comes from the English portal, which means "entrance, gate". Translation affects all the meanings of a given word that exist in Russian.

Below we will talk more about what a portal is, consider the different meanings of this word.

The meaning of the word portal

  • In architecture, the portal is called the main entrance of a large building.
  • In the technique of the portal called the metal supporting structure in the shape of the letter P. This portal is used when installed at the height of the working part of the machine.
  • There is also a medicine called Portal, an antidepressant made from fluoxetine.
  • Portal - a word popular in fiction, means a gap in time-space, through which you can instantly move between time or space. Such portals are popular in science fiction literature and films, as well as in computer games. Also this word designates the corridor, the transition from one place to another. Such a portal, for example, may look like a window with a luminous outline (as in the computer game Portal).
  • The word �web portal� is used on the Internet.This portal is called a large site that combines various services. For more information on what web portals are, see the article What is an Internet portal.
  • Also "Portal" - the name of the Kiev convention fiction.

These are the basic meanings of the word "portal."