What is a QR code?

Angelina Ivanova
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What is a QR code?

To begin with, we recall the cashier in any supermarket that, punching our goods, does not enter the cost of the goods manually, but brings the barcode of the product to a special reader. Now, however, it�s not the usual barcodes that are gaining popularity, but the QR code (a black and white square with an incomprehensible pattern). What is a QR code and what is it for?

What data does the QR code store?

A QR code stores data in the form of text and / or numbers, the maximum size of which can be 4296 characters. Such information is encoded in the form of black and white squares. Colors can be replaced, as long as a clear contrast is visible. QR abbreviation stands for Quick Response, that is, Quick Response.

How to read code

The QR code of smartphones, some mobile phones or other similar technical devices with a camera read perfectly.

Find out if your phone model supports QR code reading. If yes, install a program on your phone to read it. It is called �QR Reader�. Find a program specifically for your device on the Internet is not difficult.