What is a teaser?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 19, 2014
What is a teaser?

A teaser is a commercial or message that should attract the user's attention to the product due to the lack of information about the product. The teaser's task is to surround the new product or service with intrigue, thereby ensuring it increased attention of potential buyers.

We will understand in more detail what a teaser is.

History and meaning

The word teaser from English translates as "teaser", "zavlekalochka", which in general fully explains the meaning of the term. As a rule, a teaser is used when promoting a new product.

The first teaser is considered to be a poster that appeared on San Francisco highways in 1906, with only one word “Why?” (Why). Of course, such a thing could not but intrigue, and therefore everyone periodically checked whether new information appeared on the poster. New information has become advertising brand MJB Coffee, which instantly became known.


As a rule, a teaser company is implemented in two stages. At the first stage, intrigue appears - a question or information that can interest. The second riddle is revealed.Teasers are like one-day, when the solution becomes known almost instantly, and weekly, when waiting to languish waiting for a couple of weeks.

A successful teaser must meet three parameters:

  • optimal time - you can not reveal the riddle too early, but you can not delay;
  • Logic - there should be a connection between the teaser and the advertised product;
  • Teaser should have a bright and creative idea.