What is aphasia?

Natalya Safonova
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What is aphasia?

Many medical terms are firmly embedded in everyday life. One such common example is the word aphasia.

What is aphasia? This concept refers to violations of the already formed speech of an adult that occurs with brain lesions. Such damage can occur during strokes, traumatic and infectious brain lesions, tumors, etc. Speech can be violated not only oral, but also written. It can be lost partially or completely. When aphasia violated various types of speech products.

Aphasia come in different types. For example, if the perception (understanding) of speech is disturbed, then this option of aphasia is called sensory, and if a person understands everything, but cannot speak independently, then this is motor aphasia. There are also mixed options in which both speech perception and reproduction are disturbed. In addition, there are other types of aphasia (amnesic, semantic, etc.)

Examples of the use of the word "aphasia": "There are many classifications of aphasia." "Speech therapists or neuropsychologists are engaged in aphasia."