What is asphalt?

Olga Koval
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What is asphalt?

Asphalt is a viscous substance that consists of bitumen and small minerals, rubble or sand. Most often, asphalt is used in road construction, but can also be used for the manufacture of adhesives or putties. Previously, asphalt was used to process the bottom of wooden ships.

Types of asflta

Distinguish between natural and artificial asphalt.

  • Artificial asphalt (asphalt concrete) consists of 80% bitumen. The rest is gravel, sand or small minerals. Such asphalt is laid in two ways: cold and warm. Cold laying asphalt occurs at low ambient temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. If styling occurs at higher temperatures, the bitumen is heated to 120 degrees.
  • What is natural asphalt? It is a viscous substance that arises from oil residues when it evaporates. In the world there are several natural deposits of asphalt. The largest bituminous lake - Peach Lake, located on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean.But there are smaller lakes in California, Mexico, Venezuela.