What is a backup?

Backup literally means returning to the backup settings. To implement this action, you must use either a special program, or use the built-in utilities of the operating system. In this article, we will explain how to make a backup, where you can store a backup, and with what programs you can back up data.

Data backup

This procedure is necessary in order to protect your data from virus programs, as well as computer failure. There are often cases when a computer user becomes the cause of the destruction of important data.

Experts believe that the main reason for deleting data, which is of any importance, is the human factor. They also recommend backing up data regularly, especially if you frequently interfere with your computer, for example, install various software or change the operating system.

Backup Methods

Next, we analyze how each user can create a backup.

Using an external drive

Thanks to the external drive, you can easily back up your data, and even if you need a large disk, you can buy a disk in excess of one terabyte in modern stores.

Flash card

Use usb drives to save your data. But remember that flash memory is not the most reliable technology. In addition, if there are viruses on the flash drive, they can damage your data, and you cannot install antivirus software on the flash drive.

Blu-ray and CD

You can use blu-ray to save your data - it is a fairly reliable medium that allows you to store a large amount of data. A CD is a great option for those who want to save a small amount of data.

Cloud storage

You can use any of the cloud storage to create a backup, for example, Dropbox. The disadvantage of such a repository is a small volume and relative unreliability. On the one hand, cloud storages can store information for a long time without a server crashing, however, in the event of a server being hacked, your data can be simply stolen.Next, consider which programs are suitable for storing a backup.

Software and cloud storage

At the moment there are many programs for the PC, but most of them are paid. We will consider such programs that are free.

  1. The most popular program is the program. With its help, you can easily save data and then restore it if necessary.
  2. The next free program is. It allows you to back up the drivers that are installed on your operating system.
  3. - A simple program to save and restore from backup.
  4. The most popular cloud repositories are, or.

Why backup data is not recommended to be stored on the hard disk?

It would seem that backup data can be stored on a hard disk of a computer, but experts believe that this method contradicts the very essence of backup, because the hard disk can be under attack during a crash. One of the most frequent breakdowns is the failure of the hard drive as a result of a power supply failure.

It is also not uncommon when due to high heating fails in the hard disk itself.Alternatively, if you do not want to store data in cloud storage or foreign storage media, then you can create a backup on an ssd disk, which is more reliable than a hard disk (hdd). However, the cost of an ssd disk is usually quite high.