What is family for?

Today, a few women strive to create a real family. Although, according to sociological research, the majority of young guys are in favor of concluding a marriage, and not living a civil marriage. The reasons that prevent the creation of a real family in modern society are more than enough. For example, many women who are financially secure, have a good job, do not want to get married.

Reasons for rejecting family life

Why do I need a family if I can give birth to a child for myself and not acquire such a problem as a husband? Indeed, this question is quite common among business women. But as psychologists say, it arises only because it is very difficult for a self-sufficient woman to find a mate. Indeed, at 30 and at an older age, a woman perfectly understands what she can face when she gets married. Most often, such situations occur when a woman lived as a child in a family that cannot be called happy. This may be the family, where the father cheated on the mother, or he spread his arms after the next get-togethers with alcoholic drinks among friends.According to psychologists, these very reasons are the stumbling block for creating family life. The person who did not experience the joy of family life will never understand why they need a family.

As for men, they refuse to create family relationships, as they are afraid of responsibility. After all, it is much easier to live independently, not to report to anyone, not to give anyone your salary, spending it only on yourself, not getting up at night to a crying child. Nevertheless, almost every man wants to leave a mark behind him, that is, he wants to have a child. Therefore, some men at a sufficiently mature age decide to marry if their chosen one is against civil marriage, and does not wish to give birth to a child until their relationship is legalized.

Why do I need a family

Asking why you need a family, first of all, answer honestly to yourself: and your present life suits you when you come from work to an empty apartment, in which childish laughter and crying are not heard? Most likely, your answer will be negative. If a truly pure relationship is established between two people and a bright feeling, called “love,” arises between them, they will never have questions aboutwhether you want to start a family or not.

Women who want to give birth to a child exclusively for themselves should think about whether their child will be comfortable living only with the mother, and see the father several times a month or in general, only on big holidays? There is a lot of controversy about whether a child needs a family, but every professional psychologist claims that a child can grow up as a full-fledged person only in a family where there is both a father and a mother. There is no other way, because human nature is designed so that it needs communication and care of both parents. Boys, who love their mothers, especially suffer without a father, but mothers are not able to teach them what a father can give them. Thus, questions about whether the child needs a family, a priori should not arise.

As practice shows, a man needs a family, and not only because someone has to cook breakfast or dinner for him. First of all, a solid man can not be imagined without a family. Despite the fact that he has achieved great heights in business, having rejected family relations in due time, he still feels like a man who has not been fully accomplished, if I may say so.In addition, according to psychologists, if in his youth a man refused to marry, then in middle age, he regrets it.

For a family to be happy, for healthy and sociable children to be brought up in it, it is necessary to approach the creation of a family responsibly. And no matter at what age, you decide to start a family, it is important that it be complete. Perhaps you are a schoolboy who is writing an essay today, why you need a family, and in just a year or two you will be ready to have your own family. Or maybe, only after creating your own, reliable business, you decide that now it’s time to start a family, the main thing is that you make a decision not too late.