What is the item?

December 19, 2014
What is the item?

The word "point" comes from the German word Punkt ("dot"), in Russian it has several meanings depending on the application. Let us consider in more detail what a point is, in a few specific examples.

  • A list item is indicated by a marked or numbered icon, one of the components of the list, for example: the first item, the second item, etc.
  • Checkpoint - checkpoint - a place designed to control the passage of visitors to the territory of a protected object (protected area, military unit, etc.).
  • Settlement - the territory in which people live permanently, the unit of settlement of people within the land. Examples: village, village, urban village, city.
  • VET - point of maintenance - a place designed for maintenance of rolling stock.
  • The command post is the location of the commander of the army, as well as the main part of the headquarters, equipped with communications to control the battle.
  • Astronomical point - a point on the surface of the planet Earth, for which using astronomical observations are determined by the longitude,latitude and azimuth of the direction to the earth object.
  • Typography - a unit of measurement for printing.

The word "point", in addition to these, also has many other meanings that can be defined specifically by the context in which the word is used.