What is in fashion now?

In the article we will talk about fashion. This topic is often discussed in women's forums. And in everyday life it is often the most pressing issue that becomes fashionable? This question is relevant precisely because fashion today is changing at an incredible pace, so it’s simply unrealistic to keep up with all the trends. The only thing that can comfort you is the fact that during the cleaning of "non-trend" things, we do not advise you to put them away in your closet. Thanks to some things that you already have and more fashionable, this year you will be able to create a unique image, thanks to which you will look unique.

Based on this, the main lesson that you should learn from our article is that you should not chase the fashion too hard. You will never catch up with her, however, by “drawing out” from it those tendencies that most emphasize your style, you will be able to choose things that will be key for you. They will be your favorite and will perfectly emphasize your character.

Key trends in 2013

What are the main features that will be fashionable this year and what is in fashion among clothing and footwear today?

  • First of all, we want to draw your attention to the volume that will be relevant in clothing. This emphasis on volume has been made by many designers. However, wearing such voluminous things you need to pay attention to your figure, because not every woman can allow herself to wear a voluminous skirt. Thanks to such a thing, a woman can hide her broad shoulders and at the same time her narrow hips, while balancing her uneven proportions. In the same way, a woman with too wide hips and small breasts or narrow shoulders can safely put on jackets, dresses with pronounced shoulders. By the way, such models are also the main trend of the season.
  • Leather is considered a fashionable material in every season. The only thing that can change is its color and texture. From year to year, clothes and leather shoes are not only of high quality, but also always fashionable. And this simply can not agree. Please note that not only black leather products are fashionable, but bright brown leather is especially appreciated.Very often, designers use this skin when creating skirts or pants.
  • After the style of the 1960s burst into fashion quite recently, the trend with notes of “military” firmly took its place in the hearts of many girls. Especially well can emphasize your style of elegance accessories in the style of "military." We draw your attention to the fact that not all things in this style can suit you, since the color range of such things is special, which not all women can like. For example, if your hair color has a warm shade, then you can safely wear such things. All the rest will need to carefully select exactly "their" color.
  • The real trend of the season has become a trouser suit and a bright print. However, here, acquiring a similar suit, you will need to take into account every detail. Here we have in mind not only the shape of the figure, but even the shape of your face. Why is all this necessary? Sometimes the wrong color or shape of the costume can play a cruel joke with your overall appearance.
  • Clothing with the use of brocade trimming is considered quite interesting. Such outfits will certainly turn on the eyes of people around you.Such clothing stands out from the crowd. At the same time, clothes using brocade elements can be worn both for every day and on special holidays.
  • What is in fashion 2013 yet? This is also an extended silhouette. This refers to the use of extended shoulders in jackets, dresses and coats. Despite the fact that the shoulders in them seem pointed, they still look very feminine. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for everyone, so only women with a more slender figure will be able to wear them, while women who have rounded shapes will still be advised to get involved in such things.
  • Continue to look very stylish and modern different things from vinyl, which once conquered the 70s of the year. To be in trend, it is enough to purchase at least one thing from vinyl - this will be quite enough to emphasize your love for the style of the past years.
  • Like leather, fur is always at the peak of popularity. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive fur coat. However, a couple of small fur products will help you to support the fashion trend of this year.

Shoes and Bags 2013

No woman can do without these elements.However, what is in fashion now among women's shoes? Designers are primarily advised to buy ankle boots and boots. Today they are represented by a variety of styles and colors. All milky shades that can harmoniously connect with such things on you are considered fashionable. Today, shoes on a strap are also at the peak of popularity. This style eventually acquires classic features, but this did not prevent it from becoming again the trend of the 2013 season. Among the bags, the bags of the season are considered the trend of the season. They can be found in almost every collection of popular designers. These bags are worn by women in their hands, which gives her a special style and business look of a modern business lady.

Hairstyle and nails

If we talk about hair, then the natural hair color is still popular, but women who prefer to drastically change their image can cut their hair to the style of the 80s. It will look both fashionable and very stylish. In conclusion, we also want to draw your attention to the appearance of the nails. Brightly-colored nails have long since become fashionable. Very valuable short and well-groomed nails, which are covered with a natural shade of varnish.