What is obstruction?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
May 17, 2015
What is obstruction?

Obstruction is a term often used in medicine. It happens obstruction of the respiratory tract, intestines, gallbladder, etc. But sometimes we can hear the following expression: "Citizens staged obstruction to deputies."

What is an obstruction?

The meaning of the term "obstruction" in medicine

The word "obstruction" comes from the Latin obstructio, which in Russian means "barrage, locking". Obstruction occurs when, for whatever reason, the passage of the respiratory tract, intestine, ureter, or other body channels is difficult.

The cause of obstruction of the upper respiratory tract in adults is most often a tumor. Obstruction of the upper respiratory tract in newborns is caused by the ingestion of foreign bodies - blood or mucus.

The cause of obstruction of the lower respiratory tract (obstructive bronchitis) are the same tumors, or injuries, allergic reactions, unfavorable environmental conditions, smoking abuse, alcohol, old age.You can read a special article about this disease and its symptoms - Symptoms of bronchitis.

Causes of bowel obstruction:

  • cancer of the intestine or an organ nearby;
  • incision of hernia;
  • inversion of the intestine;
  • barrage of lumen by foreign bodies (fecal stones, ball of worms);
  • bowel spasm.

Obstruction in other areas of life

Obstruction (the violent barricade of entry or exit) sometimes disrupts the holding of various meetings and meetings. Thus, dissatisfied voters may not allow deputies to enter the meeting room or not to let them out of it until the elected representatives of the people meet the demands of the protesters.