What are papillomas?

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What are papillomas?

Papilloma is a benign growth that causes a virus. Human papillomavirus quietly "sleeps" in the human body for the time being. According to statistics, about 60% of people are carriers of this virus. It is transmitted through the physical contact of two people. In 90% of cases after infection, the body can be cured independently. If a person has a strong healthy immunity, the papilloma virus is not terrible for him. In principle, papillomas are considered harmless formations, but some go into cancer due to changes in the nature of tissue growth.

External manifestations of papilloma

Education can appear anywhere on the human body, both on the mucous membranes and on the skin. Growth time can be only a few hours. Externally, papillomas look like dense little warts of a round or irregular shape.

Papillomavirus causes and all known warts. To date, 600 strains of human papillomavirus are known.

The color of papillomas can vary from light pink to dark brown.In the process of the virus's life in the human body, several papillomas can grow. A person can be a carrier of several papillomas. They also have a feature of increasing in size, which makes education much more dangerous. As the papilloma most often looks like a mushroom, that is, it is “on the leg”, the probability that it comes off increases (it will catch on to something, etc.). And this can seriously increase the likelihood that it will turn into a malignant tumor.

Most often, the virus manifests itself in old age, when the body loses the power of immunity and becomes susceptible to infections. Papilloma can also manifest in young people, but for other reasons: a person is a carrier of the virus and is seriously ill with infectious diseases, is experiencing severe stress, is in the postoperative period, takes medicines for a long time, including antibiotics. In addition, there are many other reasons, consider them in more detail.

Causes of papillomas

There are two causes:

  1. If the virus lives in the human body and with a decrease in immunity, it appears externally;
  2. Infection from the outside:
    • Through sexual intercourse, including oral-genital contact, as well as anal sex;
    • Through other physical contacts (for example, at home, in everyday life);
    • Through wounds, scratches and cuts on the skin;
    • In the pool, gym, sauna, in any public place.

Course of the disease

The disease can occur in different ways. Depending on the immunity of the person and the type of papillomavirus, the person can self-cure within six months or a year without any manifestations, in the worst case, he can die of cancer.

The average organism, whose immunity is undermined by stress, bad habits and lack of adequate sleep, is highly susceptible to this virus. Reduced immunity will allow the virus to perfectly exist in the body of its host.

From two weeks to several years, the incubation period of the papillomavirus lasts. It also has a hidden course of infection. It happens that a person is infected with several types of papillomaviruses at once.

Clinical manifestation occurs only in the case of the influence of various factors that help the virus to activate.

What is dangerous virus?

Human papillomavirus is dangerous with possible complications.Back in the 1980s, more and more reports began to appear on the etiological role of papillomaviruses in the development of cervical cancer, or, as it is also called, squamous cell carcinoma. In recent decades, statistics have proved this assumption.

Since the papillomavirus can be formed not only on the female genital organs, but also on the male ones, men should also be attentive to this. If it is possible to follow this on your own, you can always consult a doctor in time. The appearance of papilloma in the anus can also provoke cancer, but most likely, treatment will begin at a late stage, as the place is, to put it mildly, difficult to access for a simple study. And as you know, most often the cancer can be defeated by starting to treat it at an early stage of development.

Most often, the treatment of papillomavirus begins with a course of increasing immunity. It is he who, first of all, will fight the papilloma virus. Also in cosmetology clinics, you can remove the appearance - that is, remove the warts. But removing a wart, you do not solve the problem. A wart is only a symptom of a viral disease and a hint of an organism for weak immunity.After removal of papilloma, if you do not deal with the issue of health, you may receive one or more in another place. Therefore, with the appearance of papilloma, rather go to the doctor.