What is prayer?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
February 2, 2015
What is prayer?

Simply and simultaneously eloquently about what prayer is, it is said in the Law of God: "Prayer is a conversation with God." In prayer, a person can turn to the Lord with a request to confess sins, express gratitude, and give glory. Sages believe that prayer is the realization of Eternity.

The following describes the types and effects of prayers.

Types of prayers

According to their content, there are prayers of the following types.

  1. Praises are the glorification of God's majesty and perfection, the exploits of the Virgin and Holy Martyrs.
  2. Penitents - the realization of their sins and complete repentance of them.
  3. Gratitude - an expression of gratitude to the Higher Forces for the help, support, health, food, etc.
  4. Impressive - the expression of their physical and spiritual torment, calling for help.

According to the method of ascension prayers are

  • mental prayers that do not have a verbal expression, a kind of mental conversation with God;
  • oral - verbal appeal to God, as a rule, in an affirmative form.

Power of prayer

Prayer only has miraculous power when supported by sincere faith.Believers know that the Lord loves every person as his own son or daughter. Therefore, no appeal is left unattended.

God is the best companion. In the course of a frank conversation with the Lord, you can get answers to all the burning questions. Prayer will indicate the righteous path that you need to go through life.

Through prayer, you can feel the presence of God, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of kindness, intelligence and grace. Prayer purifies souls, makes them more humble and kinder. If you know how to pray correctly, you can find a way out of the most difficult situation and even recover from ailment.

It is important to turn to God with prayer not only from despair, but also in joyful moments of life, not to forget the gratitude to the Creator. And, asking the Lord for something, one should not forget about preliminary repentance.